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  • 28 Feb 2018
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The Automated Broker Interface (ABI), also called ACE ABI, is one of the applications created by U.S. Customs and Broker Protection (CBP) to facilitate cargo declaration, accounting and clearance. Trade participants can access ABI via the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE), the primary system through which the government and trading community exchange electronic information. Connecting to ACE via ABI requires knowing what software and communication format to use, as well as keeping up to date with changes rolled out by CBP.



ACE ABI software is an important tool for trade participants that move goods in and out of the United States. Besides faster filing of cargo release documents, ACE ABI software helps improve compliance through increased accuracy of submissions and process transparency.


Global eTrade Services (GeTS) is approved by CBP to provide the ACE ABI solution that allows subscribers to connect directly to CBP and other government agencies through an easy-to-use application for entry/entry summary filing, customs fees payment and other electronic transactions.


Businesses that import goods into the U.S. should be participating in ABI. The following entities make use of ACE ABI: importers, brokers, carriers, law firms, port authorities, service centers, and surety companies. Currently, over 96 percent of all entries are filed through ACE ABI.



Qualified ACE ABI participants can file electronic import data with CBP. ACE ABI also features many functionalities designed to facilitate the release of merchandise. GeTS Automated Broker Interface (ABI) lets filers get connected without a large investment in hardware to take advantage of these useful features.




ACE ABI allows filers to prepare, transmit, validate, confirm and correct electronic entry information for cargo release and pay for customs duties, taxes and other fees. Participants can file a consolidated entry summary that combines multiple release transactions into one entry summary.


ACE ABI supports the filing of consumption entries, TIB entries, FTZ entries and warehouse withdrawals for consumption.

Users can also file certain "bypass" entry summaries electronically without additional paper forms.

Filers can submit customs declarations (invoice and summary in one message) in EDIFACT syntax and summary and invoice data in CBP syntax. Users can file drawback claims electronically in ABI.




The query function in ACE ABI allows users to view and look up entry/entry summary processing status, visa requirements, quota status and manufacturer information.




Filers can pay multiple entries in one transaction through payment processing or pay customs fees electronically via the the Automated Clearinghouse (ACH).


ACE ABI participants can choose from several payment methods: check for each entry summary, check for entry summaries on one statement, or electronic payment through the Automated Clearinghouse (ACH).




Administrative messages in ACE ABI keep participants up to date on important news, issues, system changes and CBP deployments.


Users receive results of edits (all transactions or warnings only) and validations during testing of entry summaries and paperless designation for general exam entry transactions.


Users receive conditional cargo release results for all modes of transport and priority handling through exam/release processing (including quota and on-stop-quota).


ACE ABI 2018 Updates


By Spring of 2018, CBP has plans to deploy updates to eBond functionality in ACE.


The update will also decrement drawback eBonds when Accelerated Payment (AP) is requested, with an eBond status to be sent to surety companies.


The following transactions will continue to be generated from ACE:


Entry summary nightly

Entry summary quarterly

Continuous Bond (AS, AQ, and BO)

Automated Surety Interfaces (ASI). All other ASI will remain in ACS.


If you need further assistance regarding the update for eBonds and Cuba ABI entries, reach out to your client representative.



First time participants must send an application letter to CBP containing a commitment to develop, maintain and adhere to CBP standards, as well as the company’s planned hardware and systems, location of offices that will connect to ACE ABI, and other details. After approval of your application, CBP will assign a Client Representative to your account to serve as an advisor and liaison.


Instead of in-house software development, many businesses choose to work with an IT provider, such as Global eTrade Services (GeTS), to reduce setup and operational costs. Third party ACE ABI software is not only cost-effective, it also simplifies preparation, filing and fees payment for occasional self-filing importers as well as established firms handling high volumes of imports.




Global eTrade Services (GeTS) is leading provider of advanced, comprehensive trade facilitation solutions for trade participants, including U.S. importers, brokers and authorized agents. As a CBP approved service to provide ACE ABI solutions, GeTS allows subscribers to connect directly to other

government agencies through an easy-to-use application for entry/entry summary filing, customs fees payment and other electronic transactions.


GeTS ACE ABI is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that is available online or integrated with in-house systems. The web-based app allows access anywhere, full audit trail and reporting, confirmation of acceptance from CBP by phone, email or SMS, and access to a portal account for tracking submissions. Integration with in-house systems supports multiple submission protocols and partial data transfer to the web portal account. It also includes mailbox for host-to-host EDI/XML integration.


GeTS provides direct filing of entries and entry summaries for cargo release processing; simply send the information to GeTS and we will do the rest. Subscribers to the direct filing service will receive status notifications and updates via email or SMS, and they can also view data and messages in the ACE Secure Data Portal.


ACE ABI Features and Benefits


For a limited time, if you subscribe to GeTS ABI now, you can send UNLIMITED entries for only $500/month until April 1st Click here to learn more.

And you get these features and benefits:


Intuitive application allows quick preparation and submission of electronic import data directly to CBP via EDI On-the-go filing from any computer with an Internet connection
Query AD/CVD, entry summaries, importer bond and entry releases Accurate filing due to comprehensive pre-validation of information
Reduced data entry and faster transmission with templates and bulk filing features Real-time notification alerts for all CBP responses via email and SMS
Highly secure data transmission for enterprise class users 24/7 expert assistance on customs and compliance issues
Report generator for tracking and analyzing cargo movements Advanced integration available, with data streaming from multiple sources to a single transaction
Choose from multiple connectivity options and pricing plans.

All GeTS ABI pricing plans include a free 30-day trial.




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