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  • 31 Jul 2019
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ACE Highway eManifest Solutions for Mexico

Table of Contents:

US-Mexico Cross-Border Shipments

Understanding Requirements for ACE Highway eManifest for Mexico

ACE Highway eManifest Mexico from GeTS

ACE Highway eManifest solutions for Mexico do not have to be expensive. Global eTrade Services (GeTS) ACE Highway service is a cost-effective way for fleets in Mexico and truckers along the southern U.S. border to submit required cargo information to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) while optimizing compliance. Read on to learn more about ACE Highway eManifest for Mexico.


US-Mexico Cross-Border Shipments

Trade between Mexico and the U.S. shows no signs of slowing down.  In the first six months of 2019, the four biggest US entry ports along the Mexican border saw healthy year-on-year (YOY) increases:

  • Otay Mesa, CA – up by 4.8% YOY
  • El Paso, TX – up by 5.3% YOY
  • Laredo, TX – up by 5.9% YOY
  • Hidalgo/Pharr, TX – up by 4.9% YOY


Through February 2019, the U.S. Census Bureau reported that Mexico was America’s number one trade partner. U.S. trade with Mexico in February rose 3.36 percent while trade with Canada and China went down 4.12 percent and 13.52 percent, respectively.


Traditionally ranking third, behind China and Canada, Mexico remains a strong trade partner and source of critical goods for the U.S. Shipments transported by highway carriers into the U.S. were responsible for the 85.3 percent increase in the value of imports from Mexico between 2000 and 2016.


The southern border is home to trucking companies and fleets engaged in cross-border trade, many on a daily basis. On the Mexico side of the border, goods are housed in trailers that are picked up by transfer tractors on the U.S. side and transported into the mainland and elsewhere.


Like Canadian truckers, Mexico truck operators are required to submit electronic cargo and conveyance data to CBP in advance of arrival. In general, Mexico shippers file cargo data with both CBP and Mexico customs agencies and prepare both paper and electronic manifest forms. Northbound truck drivers also expect to go through at least three inspection areas at the U.S. border.


Carriers, fleet operators and cross-border shippers in Mexico and the southern border can make the northbound clearance process less cumbersome by ensuring that submitted information is accurate and complete the first time. Broker’s entry data must also match the data on the eManifest.


Understanding Requirements for ACE Highway eManifest for Mexico

Understanding Requirements for ACE Highway eManifest Solutions for Mexico


The ACE highway eManifest requirement is part of the U.S. government’s goal to facilitate trade and improve border security by modernizing import and export practices. A single unified system for information exchange aims to eliminate paper processes and allow filers to submit information only once.


ACE eManifest for highway improves efficiency by reducing processing time and increasing visibility with real-time tracking of shipments and trips. Shipment information required by various agencies is consolidated in one place, allowing CBP officials to conduct risk assessment more efficiently.

For carriers, ACE Highway means less time spent waiting to cross the border. Drivers receive shipment status notifications in real time so they know when to cross.


Northbound highway carriers must submit cargo, conveyance and trip information electronically to CBP via ACE at least an hour (non-FAST carriers) or 30 minutes (FAST carriers) before the truck reaches the border. It is the responsibility of the carrier or their authorized representative to prepare and transmit the eManifest.


Most commercial and personal shipments transported into the U.S. by highway carriers require eManifest submissions. Exceptions include shipments that can be informally entered on CBP Forms 368 or 368A, Cash Collection or Receipt, U.S. products being returned, and cargo in transit from point to point in the U.S. after transiting Canada or Mexico.


eManifest Submission

There are multiple eManifest transmission options for Mexico and northbound highway carriers. Carriers or their authorized representative may transmit eManifests to CBP via ACE using the ACE Secure Data Portal (ACE Portal), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) software, or an EDI service provided by a third party like GeTS.



Electronic data interchange (EDI) is a data transmission method that connects one computer directly to another using messaging standards and protocols (ANSI ASC X.12 and UN EDIFACT). Highway eManifest information sent to ACE via EDI is quickly processed and validated. EDI is the primary system used by carriers for ACE transactions, not just eManifest highway submissions. EDI supports preparation and filing of import eManifests for highway, rail and ocean, Importer Security Filing (ISF) data for ocean carriers and importers, entries, entry summaries, export commodity data, and supporting documentation.


Businesses can establish an EDI connection with CBP and use the services of a CBP-approved IT provider like GeTS.



GeTS' ACE Highway eManifest Solutions for Mexico

GeTS' ACE Highway eManifest Solutions for Mexico


Global eTrade Services (GeTS) has three decades of experience in global trade facilitation.  GeTS serves over 5,000 clients around the world, helping supply chain participants make cross-border trade accessible, predictable and easier to fulfil. Its advanced, comprehensive solutions are used by importers/exporters, carriers, freight forwarders and other trade participants in North America to streamline customs processing, comply with customs regulations, and save money.


GeTS ACE Highway is available as an online standalone application or integrated with existing systems. GeTS ACE Highway is also available as a direct filing service to support businesses during peak or busy times. The highway eManifest filing process is simple for Mexico cross-border shippers and carriers: simply fax or email the documentation (invoice, bill of lading, etc.) to our professional team, and we will prepare and submit the eManifest to CBP on your behalf.


GeTS will send you the ACE cover sheet for presentation to border officers. Status notifications and other important CBP messages are sent in real-time to filers via email or SMS. You can also access the notifications through the ACE Portal.


GeTS ACE Highway benefits:
  • Reduce costs with flexible subscription options (web-based, integrated, or direct filing service)
  • Reduce paperwork and manual data entry
  • Reduce duplication and errors
  • Real-time status notifications
  • Seamless data entry through integration with in-house software
  • Expert assistance and advisory on trade issues, tariff classification and customs compliance


Visit our ACE Highway eManifest Solutions for Mexico page to learn more or contact us today, we are here to help.



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