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  • 12 Feb 2018
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The ACI eManifest Portal is a web-based tool developed by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). The ACI eManifest Portal allows trade participants to transmit pre-arrival information to the CBSA online. Designed to facilitate the [trade] compliance of businesses and ease their transition from paper-based declaration to electronic reporting, the ACI eManifest Portal is currently available to highway carriers and freight forwarders.



ACI eManifest Portal

Highway carriers and freight forwarders can use the ACI eManifest Portal to prepare and transmit import eManifests and secondary data (e-House Bills and Close Messages), respectively. Customs brokers and warehouse operators can also access the Portal to view data, run reports and manage accounts.


The ACI eManifest Portal supports multiple functions:


·         Submit trade data to the CBSA online

·         Verify the status of trade data transmitted through the Portal or via Electronic Data Interchange              (EDI)

·         Receive status notifications and other important messages from the CBSA

·         Confirm receipt of information

·         Access online help and reference material

·         View historical trade data

·         Generate reports


While the ACI eManifest Portal is free and easily accessible, ACI eManifest software with EDI connectivity is more robust and flexible. EDI is the primary method of eManifest transmission for high-volume filers.  To learn more about how to set up user account and create trade documents, click here.



The Portal supports three types of trade documents for highway carriers: cargo document, conveyance document and combined highway document.

Cargo document

The cargo document serves as the initial record of a shipment bound for Canada. It is also called the Cargo Control Document and is identified by a Cargo Control Number (CCN).


Conveyance document

The conveyance document serves as the initial record of the vehicle that is used to transport goods to Canada. It is identified by a Conveyance Reference Number (CRN).


Combined highway document

A combined highway document merges the cargo and conveyance documents into a single document for easier data entry. After submitting the combined document, the Portal will split the document into one cargo and one conveyance document and treat them as separate documents.


Highway carriers must use the combined highway document if there is one CRN, one CCN (one consignee and one shipper) and the shipment is in the tractor, trailer or container. If there is a container on a trailer, both the trailer and container data must be provided. Otherwise, the carrier must submit separate cargo and conveyance documents.


If you are not submitting a combined document, make sure that the cargo document is in “Accepted” status before submitting the conveyance document, unless the conveyance is empty or only containing goods exempt from the eManifest requirement.




Global eTrade Services (GeTS) is leading provider of trade facilitation solutions for trade participants around the world. Based on the software-as-a-service model, GeTS offers ACI Highway, ACI Air, ACI Ocean, ACI eHBL and ACI Bay Plan services for carriers and freight forwarders.


All GeTS ACI eManifest services are available as a web-based application similar to the eManifest Portal or through integration with backend systems. The web-based solution allows easy access anywhere with an Internet connection.


Comprehensive validation and templates reduce manual data entry and associated errors. Subscribers also receive real-time shipment status notifications from the CBSA.


The integrated option is ideal for businesses that require streamlined and seamless processing. Integration features partial data transfer to web portal account for trade document preparation and submission and support for multiple submission protocols.


Subscribers who have activated both the ACI and ACE modules can use the eManifest Conversion Tool, which creates a mirrored eManifest for the return trip. Easily track your PAPS/PARS shipments with the GeTS mobile app that is free to download from the Google Play Store. Simply enter the PAPS/PARS number to view the status.


Visit our ACI eManifest page today to learn more.



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