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  • 23 Oct 2016
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Benefits that Enterprises Gain from Automated Commercial Environment US

Automated Commercial Environment US is being implemented in stages to help businesses ease the transition to the new system. A pilot phase was rolled out to test the system and help companies find out how the changes would affect their business. Although participation in the pilot is not required, it is a great opportunity to discover the advantages of using ACE. Some companies that participated in the pilot have already reported many benefits:


Benefits that Enterprises Gain from Automated Commercial Environment US

1. Simplified ACE filing through automation.


Old filing processes relied heavily on manual data entry. For example, when companies wanted to make corrections to their entry summary filings by submitting Post Entry Amendments (PEA), U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) must check them before approval. If the CBP officer did nothing, the filing was rejected. Through Automated Commercial Environment US, if CBP officers ignore PSCs (Post Summary Corrections) or do nothing, the PSC is considered approved. This cuts processing time significantly. Automated processes also reduce courier fees, printing and other admin costs.


2. Improved trade security.


Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) fosters full customs data transparency, making cross-border trade more secure. Companies can easily track the contents of each shipment, the current shipment location and shipment destination. They can also generate ACE reports and archive them for audit purposes. These reports allow businesses to view payment information, number of imports, compliance reviews, compliance rates, discrepancies and other critical data online.


3. Faster delivery.


Companies know exactly when they can send their drivers to the border. Drivers no longer have to wait a long time for shipment to arrive (they can save 3-4 hours per day), and companies don’t have to pay for accommodation and other transport costs during layovers. Faster delivery means better customer satisfaction.


4. Periodic payments.


The ACE Periodic Payment feature is another plus for many businesses. Instead of paying taxes and duties each time a transaction is processed, companies can pay them periodically. This reduces processing time and streamlines the flow of shipments.





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