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  • 19 Jul 2019
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CALISTA Supply Chain Orchestration Platform

Table of Contents:

What is CALISTA?

Is CALISTA Supply Chain Orchestration Platform Right for You?

Advantages of Using CALISTA

How CALISTA Supply Chain Orchestration Platform Can Help Your Business

More supply chains are extending their geographical scope and becoming global. CALISTA supply chain orchestration platform can play a key role in helping trade participants meet these and other new challenges.

In 2015, McKinsey research reported that by 2020, the majority (80 percent) of goods will be manufactured in locations other than where they are consumed. Savvy consumers know this, but expect the same high-quality service whether or not the goods or its components were sourced from overseas.


As a business owner, international trade participation can be complex. It requires better technology, processes, skills and ways of dealing with industry partners located in different time zones. Accurate, real-time data is critical for executives, supply chain partners and workers to make better decisions and deliver goods to the right location at the right time. Consumers are also more demanding than ever. Global supply chains must adapt to provide more options, faster lead times, better quality products and services, and better customer engagement.


Orchestrating supply chain activities can be challenging.  Communication delays, missing information and transmission failures are disruptive and can be catastrophic to the bottom line. Customers today have more options than ever and would gladly switch to another provider if they fail to get what they want, whether it’s faster delivery, cheaper shipping, or a better product.

CALISTA Supply Chain Platform


However, many organizations rely on existing systems to manage global trade, and are slow to adopt better technologies and processes that consolidate data in one place and enable faster and more efficient communication between participants. Effective supply chain orchestration is driven by advanced technologies that enable complete visibility, improved security and faster collaboration among geographically separated teams.


It’s a tall order to develop a platform that manages all global supply chain transactions and partners in one place. The task is too expensive and difficult to execute for many businesses. CALISTA takes the pain out of global supply chain orchestration by bringing together key physical and non-physical, including financial and regulatory, logistics activities on a digital ecosystem that serves the community of logistics stakeholders.


What is CALISTA?

CALISTATM is a neutral, interoperable supply chain platform that enables the orchestration of the physical logistics, regulatory and financial requirements of the trade ecosystem, integrating multiple stakeholders like carriers, shippers, logistics service providers, brokers, banks, and relevant government agencies on a single platform.


Enhanced Security

Intelligent use of technology makes transactions incredibly secure. The platform features enhanced security of trade documents through Open Trade Blockchain that improves transparency and trust between stakeholders. CALISTA automates handshakes across nodes, improves authenticity of data flow and provides better access to accurate and up-to-date status visibility.


Seamless Collaboration

CALISTA leverages technology to make global trade seamless. The platform streamlines processes within and across countries and regions to reduce inefficiencies or eliminate them entirely. CALISTA is connected to 26 Customs nodes around the world to drastically reduce the time needed for individual connection in multiple countries.


Smart Processing

Global trade documentation  can be error-prone if not automated. Stakeholders can reduce data duplication through smart technology. For shippers and freight forwarders, CALISTA provides direct and increased visibility of goods while on the move.



Advantages of Using CALISTA

Advantages of using CALISTA Supply Chain Orchestration Platform

Direct connectivity to global regulatory agencies. Keeping up with changing trade regulations and customs paperwork in your own country is difficult enough, but global trade makes it even more complicated. CALISTA offers direct connectivity to regulatory agencies in key markets around the world.

Currently, it is connected to 26 Customs nodes , connecting to more than 175,000 parties globally. The Compliance functionality includes cross-border processing and declaration which facilitates cross-border trade.


Physical Logistics.  CALISTA enables  shippers, freight forwarders and carriers submit and process freight bookings and shipping instructions. This module integrates all users in a single platform for seamless freight booking. Data is automatically populated into necessary fields to reduce data entry and associated errors.


Financing. Customers can also access necessary trade financing and insurance through the platform


Secure trade. Global trade transactions are fraught with risk, emphasizing the need for a highly secure supply chain management system. CALISTA features Open Trade Blockchain (OTB), to secure international trade and improve visibility and accountability. OTB enables secure transfer of real-time data and provides an auditable log of records for users to track changes made to the network.


Improved visibility. In order to deliver exceptional customer experiences, the platform must feature full visibility. End-to-end visibility or a complete view of the supply chain allows decision makers to act quickly in order to optimize orders. When problems arise, you can exactly pinpoint the causes and take immediate corrective action, as well as gather data and create proactive solutions. The CALISTA supply chain platform allows you to view minute details and weigh satisfaction versus costs to find the right way to address an order issue.



How CALISTA Supply Chain Platform Can Help

How CALISTA Supply Chain Orchestration Platform can Help


GeTS’ CALISTA supply chain platform makes cross-border trade more accessible, predictable and easier to fulfill. To learn more, visit our CALISTA page or contact us today.




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