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  • 08 Jun 2021
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Canada eHBL AMPS Zero-Rated Penalties to End on July 5


Table of Contents:

End of Zero-Rated Penalty Period

Transition to eHBL Filing

What is eHBL

Application of Mandatory eHBL Requirements

AMPS Penalties

Why Work with a Service Provider

GeTS ACI eHBL Features & Benefits

End of Zero-Rated Penalty Period


The end of the 6-month informed compliance period, which began last January 4 when eManifest House Bills (eHBL) filing became mandatory for all consolidated shipments, also means the end of zero-rated penalties period under the Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS). eHBLs for consolidated cargo arriving on or after July 5th of this year may receive monetary AMPS penalties if freight forwarders does not meet electronic house bill, close messages and supplementary reports compliance requirements. Read on to learn more about the Canada eHBL AMPS zero-rated penalties set to end on July 5.


Transition to eHBL Filing


eHBL has been available as a filing option for freight forwarders since 2013 but by it finally became mandatory on January 4, 2021. Transitioning to eHBL as early as possible is in every trade participant’s best interest to avoid penalties for noncompliance.


The zero-rated penalty period gives time for companies to assess their manpower and technical capabilities and make adjustments necessary for eManifest house bills filing without risking their business with penalties for noncompliance.


What is Electronic House Bill?


The house bill is an important document that the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) requires non-vessel operating common carriers (NVOCCs) and freight forwarders to submit in advance under the new rule. The CBSA requires the electronic submission of advance house bill data for imports and in-transit shipments within specific time frames.


Application of Mandatory eHBL Requirements

The mandatory compliance requirements apply to both non-bonded and bonded freight forwarders. Freight forwarders are responsible for meeting the requirements for cargo being shipped through Canada, as well as for consolidated (including back-to-back) imports. For air and marine modes, the existing supplementary reporting processes for consolidated freight remaining on board (FROB) shipments will remain in place. The freight forwarder is responsible for transmitting the required electronic house bill and supplementary data.


Who is considered the freight forwarder in these transactions? According to the Reporting of Imported Goods Regulations, a “freight forwarder” is the party or person who causes goods to be transported by one or more carriers and does this on behalf of one or more owners, shippers, importers, or consignees of goods. Carriers or freight forwarders who fall within this definition may transmit house bill data and supplementary data using their own carrier code.



AMPS Penalties

Starting July 5, 2021, related AMPS penalties will be issued to freight forwarders for non-compliance. Below are some examples of AMPS penalties:


C378 – failure to file the cargo and/or conveyance pre-load/pre-arrival information


C379 – failure to submit advance information in the prescribed manner or within the prescribed time


C380 – failure to comply with a CBSA notification on the goods on board or expected to be on board


C381 – failure to notify the CBSA of any correction to pre-load or pre-arrival information without delay and within prescribed timeframes


C382 – submitting false, inaccurate and incomplete information. The required information is prescribed by the Reporting of Imported Goods Regulations




Benefits of Engaging a Software Provider

Mandatory eHBL submission is complex, and introduces multiple shipment types, exceptions, and concerns. Forwarders must make sure that these requirements are addressed in internal and external operations.

As the the zero-rated penalty period coming to an end, companies may consider working with a trusted partner to get the help your business needs to avoid penalties. Many forwarders have found that outsourcing their eHBL data not only helps them speed up the shipping process and avoid delays, but it also saves them on administration expenses and costly penalties.


GeTS ACI eHBL  Solution

Canada eHBL AMPS Zero-Rated Penalties to End on July 5

GeTS ACI eHBL solution enables freight forwarders to easily transmit advance house bill data directly to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) ahead of anticipated deadlines that covers a range of shipment scenarios in all modes of transport.

With real-time updates, freight forwarders get immediate views of the status of a submission with email alerts and mobile app tracking without having to navigate through several screens.



Ease of Access
Cloud based solution allows users to access data anytime


Reduce Costs
Save time and costs with automated high volume submissions


Grow Your Business

Multiple options available to scale with your business along with other US and Canada Compliance solutions


24/7 Support

Multiple channels of support – Phone, Email and Online Chat at your finger tips



Learn more about the Canada eHBL AMPs zero rated penalties ending on July 5. Visit our eHBL page or contact us today!






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