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  • 02 Jul 2015
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Cargo Manifest: Panama

Panama is one of the world’s major logistics centers. Along with its canal, the country has harbors, railway networks, highways and international airports that accommodate different modes of cargo transport. Like other countries, Panama requires shippers, carriers and freight forwarders moving goods into Panama to submit advance manifest information to customs officials for assessment and processing. All Panama-bound cargo must be cleared through customs by a customs broker that is licensed by the Panamanian government.


The Panama Customs office requires the following basic documentation for imported goods: import declaration, commercial invoice, airway bill or airline transport letter, bill of lading, commercial license or business permit number, certificate of origin and other applicable permits for regulated goods (phytosanitary certificate for animal and plant products, certificate of free sale, etc.)


Cargo Manifest Panama Requirements


Panama cargo manifest information must be transmitted electronically to the Integrated Customs Management System 72 hours before the arrival of the vessel for full containers and no later than 72 hours before the arrival of the vessel for empty containers. The original bill of lading is also required by customs to release the shipments to the customer at the destination. Mandatory bill of lading information that must be provided includes:


·         Full name, telephone number and email address of the Consignee/Notify Party

·         Total quantity of packages

·         Quantity of packages per container

·         Gross weight for each container

·         Container size and type

·         Commodity per container


Panama’s Integrated Customs Management System allows clients and the National Customs Authority to exchange electronic information quickly and securely. The system also allows customs officials to better control goods coming in and going out of Panama


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Cargo Manifest: Panama