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  • 30 Jan 2018
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The CBP Portal or ACE Secure Data Portal is an online access point for information exchange between U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the trading community. The ACE Portal is primarily an account management and report generation tool, but certain trade participants may use it to submit required electronic information to CBP.


CBP Portal


Anyone with a user account can access the CBP Portal: importers, exporters, brokers, carriers, drivers/crew, cartmen, lightermen, facility operators, FTZ operators, protest filers, service providers, and surety companies. The CBP Portal is free to use and accessible with only a computer and Internet connection, but it is not designed for high-volume filers and large businesses. Data must be entered manually into the Portal, and filers can work only on one document at a time.



The following trade participants can use the ACE Portal to submit electronic information to CBP:

  • Highway carriers (low-volume filers only) can file pre-arrival import eManifests to CBP and track the status of shipments.

  • Importers (low-volume filers) can submit Importer Security Filing (ISF) data to CBP. Importers or their agents can also create blanket declarations to support a claim regarding imported merchandise.

  • Importers or customs brokers can upload supporting documents (CBP and PGA forms) for entry summaries.

  • Exporters can file Electronic Export Information (EEI) via AESDirect.

  • Users can file protests.

  • Users can run reports, respond to requests, and manage account statements.


CBP Portal allows Account Owners to manage portal user accounts, assign Sub-Account types to individuals, generate reports, file information and add business activities. In addition to account management, CBP Portal users can audit the change history, access business activity logs, define action plans, review bonds, statements, licenses, permits/certificates and transactions, maintain declarations and set the mode of communication.




The ACE Portal is very useful for account management, report generation and as a backup when your primary e-filing system is down. However, most businesses exchange data with CBP via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), not the ACE Portal. EDI is a direct method of communication between two computer systems using messaging standards and protocols. EDI data transmission is ideal for high-volume filers as it supports bulk upload, automation and integration with backend systems.


Businesses either build EDI connectivity and develop their own software to interface with ACE, or they lease/purchase connectivity and software from a third party provider. CBP has published a list of software vendors that have successfully completed systems testing with the agency. CBP-approved IT vendors provide ACE software and EDI connectivity for businesses of all sizes.




Global eTrade Services (GeTS) is a CBP-approved provider of advanced comprehensive ACE solutions and connectivity based on the software-as-a-service model. Unlike CBP Portal filing, filing with GeTS ACE solutions is streamlined, quick and easy, particularly for high-volume filers.


GeTS ACE solutions are flexible: subscribers can file information via the online application or integration with existing systems. GeTS also offers ACE full-service filing; simply send the information via fax or email and we will take care of it.


ACE Highway


Allows highway carriers to prepare and submit eManifests to CBP within minutes and easily upload Section 321 shipments. Subscribers who use both the Highway ACE and ACI modules benefit from the eManifest Conversion Tool that creates a mirrored eManifest for the return trip. Real-time status notifications are sent via email, fax or phone, and PAPS/PARS tracking is available via our free mobile app.


Importer Security Filing (ISF 10+2)


Importers and carriers can quickly submit additional shipment information to CBP via the GeTS ISF 10+2 application.


Automated Export System (AES)


GeTS AES is a leading software solution for U.S. exporters, allowing fast and secure EEI filing directly to CBP. GeTS AES is available as a web-based app or XML Integrated Enterprise for data transmission, record keeping and data analysis.


Visit our CBP eManifest page today to learn more.


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