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  • 05 Jun 2015
  • Canada
  • CBSA
  • eManifest

CBSA eManifest Processing

On May 6, 2015, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has announced Advance Commercial Information or ACI eManifest processing regulations. The ACI program aims to improve risk management processes for better identification of potential security and health threats posed by carriers moving into or through Canada. All modes of transport are affected by the new regulations. Highway carriers that have not yet registered with the ACI eManifest system or have not yet started filing are advised to do so as soon as possible to ensure compliance by the July 10, 2015 deadline.


Carriers that are unsure of how to begin the registration process can consult a CBSA eManifest service provider like CrimsonLogic. We have been in the eTrade services business for decades, serving companies in the public and private sectors around the world. Besides primary shippers and exporters/importers, CrimsonLogic assists customs brokers and freight forwarders with electronic manifest filing.


CrimsonLogic eManifest Processing


CrimsonLogic was one of the first providers to offer tools compatible with the U.S. ACE and Canadian ACI applications. Our Fax2EDI service that eliminated paper-heavy transactions for highway carriers debuted in 2007, the first of its kind in the market. Our company is an authorized CBSA eManifest service provider that eases the eManifest filing process for shippers moving goods through Canada. We also offer freight forwarder ACI manifest filing products like the eHBL (eHousebill) tool. The eHBL helps freight forwarders file advance electronic house bill data and close messages to the CBSA within the specific timeframes.


CrimsonLogic continues to offer innovative products and services to streamline customs processing and help businesses comply with changing regulations. We help shippers and carriers process thousands of electronic manifests every month for highway, rail, air and marine transports. Our proprietary software eases the filing of eManifests through the ACE and ACI applications, electronic house bills and importer security data.


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