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  • 17 Jun 2015
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eInvoice Processing: Reducing Running Cost & Freeing Up Your Time

The customs invoice is the primary form that shippers are legally required to present before importing goods into a country. For example, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) requires all importers and brokers to submit complete and accurate Canada Customs Invoice (CCI) forms. It can be time-consuming to accomplish and transmit eInvoice forms, particularly for importers  that import  large volumes of cargo on a daily basis. Even if your business handles only about 20 shipments a day, working with a service provider specializing in eInvoice processing and global eTrade is a great advantage.


At CrimsonLogic, we understand the need to facilitate eInvoice filing and cut through customs red tape. For companies that still key in invoice data manually, we have tools that save you time, reduce paperwork and ensure that invoice data sent to customs is accurate the first time. You simply fax the data to us and we take care of the rest. Our agents key in and validate information before submitting the form to customs. We ensure that all mandatory fields are filled and information is accurate to avoid delays and penalties.


CrimsonLogic logistics tools support the US Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) and Canada eManifest ACI (Advance Commercial Information) applications as well as electronic house bill filing for freight forwarders and importer security filing. Besides eManifest and eInvoice filing software, we also offer end-to-end logistics solutions that reduce your running costs and free up your time.


Global eTrade


CrimsonLogic is a top global eTrade service provider with decades of experience working with shippers and organizations in Japan, Canada, Panama, USA and many other countries. Our Singapore TradeWeb tool allows shippers to transmit trade declarations to Singapore Customs and other regulatory agencies. From sending cargo declaration to printing clearance permits, TradeWeb allows you to complete everything within minutes. We also have tools tailored to Japan and Panama customs requirements for advance eManifest filing.


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