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  • 30 Mar 2018
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eManifest is a term used to describe the electronic transmission of freight information to customs officials prior to shipments arriving at a border. eManifest solutions, whether developed in-house or purchased from third parties, optimize trade compliance by helping trade participants meet regulatory requirements through the use of technology. Global eTrade Services (GeTS) offers some of the best in class services for eManifest processing and tracking. Increase productivity, reduce costs and free up your time to focus on what matters to your operation.


Rules and laws governing the movement of goods across international borders change constantly. eManifest solutions are regularly updated to reflect these changes, ensuring business continuity and smoother cross-border trade.



eManifest Solutions

Although global trade still relies on paper documentation, automated systems introduced by governments around the world have significantly streamlined customs processing and cargo clearance. In the U.S. and Canada, the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) and Advance Commercial Information (ACI) programs aim to centralize all information exchange between the government and trading community into a single system.




ACE is the primary system used by the U.S. government to determine whether imported goods can enter the country. It is also the main system used by traders to report imports and exports to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the Census Bureau, and other regulatory agencies.


ACE supports eManifest preparation, editing and submission for all modes of transport. eManifest transmission in ACE is mostly done via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), a system-to-system connection governed by messaging standards. In addition to EDI transmission, highway carriers can also submit eManifests to CBP via the ACE Secure Data Portal, an online access point that is free to use.



eManifest Solutions: ACI eManifest


ACI is the Canadian counterpart of the U.S. ACE program. ACI is all about submitting electronic cargo information to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) at the right time. ACI introduces tools and risk management practices to identify safety and security threats associated with Canada-bound cargo.


eManifest is the third phase of the ACI program, requiring the advance transmission of electronic cargo and conveyance data and secondary data (electronic house bills and close messages) from highway and rail carriers and freight forwarders, respectively. Under the eManifest initiative, importer self-filers and their brokers must also submit advance electronic importer data to the CBSA.


The deadline for eManifest submission depends on the mode of transport. Highway carriers must transmit the eManifest at least one hour before arrival at the border, while rail carriers must transmit the eManifest at least two hours before arrival.


For PARS shipments, the customs broker must also submit the entry data to the CBSA in advance before the truck driver can cross the border. At the border, the border official will bring up the eManifest and check it against the broker’s entry. The truck will either be released at the primary station or referred to secondary for examination.



From an operational function, global trade has become a strategic area that drives value for the organization. Doing business efficiently entails meeting regulatory requirements while ensuring that goods are delivered on time to the end user. The right technology enables effective customs planning and optimizes compliance.


A critical part of trade compliance is ensuring that all import requirements are met. This includes having import permits/licenses where applicable, correctly classifying goods, and reporting cargo and conveyance data to customs before arrival. Traders are under an obligation to submit accurate, complete, and timely information to regulatory agencies, correct erroneous information within the prescribed timeframes, and pay correct duties and taxes.


Failure to meet eManifest requirements is a violation of trade control measures that protect a country’s citizens and its economy. This is why noncompliance may lead to delays at the border and even monetary and criminal penalties.


Recently, CBP and the CBSA have shifted focus on post-audit verifications. This means that all members of the supply chain engaged in cross-border trade, not just importers, are now subject to heightened scrutiny from customs officials. Audits evaluate import compliance and provide a systematic approach to data collection and analysis. To assess risks, customs officials may review a company’s history of noncompliance and its trade control processes.




Global eTrade Services (GeTS) is a global leader in trade facilitation, with many years of experience helping trade participants in the U.S. and Canada facilitate customs processing and cargo clearance while saving time and money. GeTS provides advanced, comprehensive eManifest solutions for businesses of all sizes.


GeTS ACE eManifest Solutions

eManifest Solutions: GeTS ACE eManifest


ACE Highway

ACE Highway allows fast and easy preparation and submission of eManifests via the online application or through integration with backend systems. Low-value shipments (section 321) can be uploaded for quick processing, and PAPS shipments can be tracked using our free mobile app. GeTS subscribers who have activated both the ACE and ACI modules can use the eManifest Conversion Tool that automatically creates a mirrored eManifest for the return journey.


ACE Ocean

ACE Ocean allows carriers and NVOCCs to transmit ocean eManifest data quickly and easily before the vessel arrives at a U.S. port. After receiving a notification from CBP, the carrier can decide on the method of cargo movement, while the importer can arrange for examination and release of the shipment long before the vessel’s actual arrival.



Carriers can "arrive" in-bond shipments and file in-bond, permit to proceed, and local transfers electronically using ACE Air. Carriers also receive release notifications, in-bond authorizations, general order, permit to proceed, and local transfer authorization upon flight departure or arrival from the last foreign port. Air waybill data can also be transmitted in any sequence.


ISF 10+2

ISF 10+2 allows importers to easily submit additional 10 data elements to CBP 24 hours before the shipment is loaded onto the vessel. Carriers can also submit the Vessel Stow Plan and Container Status Message to customs using the GeTS ISF 10+2 software.


ACI eManifest Solutions


ACI Highway

ACI Highway allows carriers to create and submit multiple eManifests to the CBSA within minutes. Data accuracy is ensured with comprehensive data validation and the use of templates. Subscribers receive real-time notifications (SMS or email) from the CBSA so truck drivers know exactly when to cross the border.


ACI Ocean

ACI Ocean allows marine carriers and freight forwarders to meet eManifest requirements through a streamlined submission process. To get started, apply for a Canadian carrier code, subscribe to a GeTS ACI Ocean plan, and complete the CBSA application online.



Filing eManifests and supplementary cargo data to the CBSA is made easy with GeTS ACI Air. Subscribers can prepare and submit all required electronic documentation, including Air Conveyance Reports (ACVR), Air Cargo Reports (ACR), Split Shipment Reports (SSR), and electronic house bills or Supplementary Cargo Report (SCR) for freight forwarders. Subscribers also receive risk assessment notifications when applicable, such as “Hold” and “Hold Cancellation” messages.



Freight forwarders are now required to submit advance electronic house bill data and close messages to the CBSA. GeTS ACI eHBL helps freight forwarders meet customs requirements through accurate and efficient document preparation and reporting.


All GeTS eManifest solutions are available as an online application or integrated with existing systems. GeTS can also file eManifests on your behalf; simply send the information to us via fax or email, and we will do the rest.


Visit our eManifest Solutions page today to learn more.



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