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  • 26 Jun 2020
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Managed Services for Import


Table of Contents:

What GeTS Managed Services for Import can Do for your Business

USA and Canada Managed Services for Import

eManifest Processing

Importer Security Filing (ISF + 10)

FDA Prior Notice (FDA PN)

ACI Bay Plan





Companies taking their business globally face challenges related to compliance. Trade rules are ever-changing, and keeping up to speed with regulations will ensure success. To address compliance issues while meeting the needs of customers around the globe, specialist knowledge is required. Businesses can build this knowledge in-house (expensive), or work with a third party expert (cost effective).


Global eTrade Services (GeTS) offers managed services for import to help businesses simplify global trade while optimizing compliance. GeTS brings you services designed to streamline the import process in North America. Managed import services for U.S. and Canada ensures fast cargo clearance and on-time deliveries for your customers.



What GeTS Managed Services for Import can do for your business:

  • With a single services package, you can transmit required e-documents to customs and other agencies accurately and in a timely manner to ensure fast cargo clearance.
  • Our team of experts know how to move cargo swiftly and in compliance with North America regulations.
  • We take care of everything, from preparation to filing to amendments.
  • We respond to all important messages from Customs and relay them to you in real time, so you have a clear picture of what’s happening.
  • We guide your staff through the import and export process. This includes classifying goods, communicating directly with government agencies, and providing advice on regulations for specific commodities.
  • We consolidate documentation from multiple offices and accommodate fluctuations in documentation volume.
  • We improve data accuracy, eliminate rekeying and provide fast documentation turnaround times.
  • Our team helps your business provide a consistently high level of service.
  • With our specialists handling Customs e-declaration and processing, you can focus on other areas of your business.


USA and Canada Managed Services for Import

 Managed Services for Import: USA and Canada Managed Services for Import

eManifest Processing


The eManifest (electronic manifest) is the digital version of the paper manifest, which contains information about the cargo, conveyance, and crew entering the U.S. and Canada using any mode of transport (highway or truck, rail, ocean and air). The eManifest includes a summary of all bills of lading issued by a carrier for every trip, and it shows the shipper, consignee, origin, destination, quantity, description, value and other important data.


U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) officials use eManifest information to determine admissibility and assess the level of risk for all inbound shipments. Carriers or their authorized representatives are required to submit eManifest to Customs in advance of the actual arrival of the cargo and conveyance. The submission timeframe varies with the mode of transport. For imports transported by trucks, the eManifest must be received and validated by Customs at least an hour before the truck arrives at the border.


eManifests streamline cargo declaration and facilitates the flow of trade, while keeping potentially harmful and dangerous shipments from entering the country. eManifest also eliminates tedious and labor-intensive paper documentation, improves data accuracy, and standardizes processing.


The eManifest process is mirrored for the U.S. and Canada, making it easy for carriers to declare cross-border shipments. GeTS Managed Services for Import helps traders keep track of eManifests for all shipments and makes sure that the cargo is released at the primary lane so the truck can proceed directly to the warehouse or consignee.


Importer Security Filing (ISF + 10)


Importer Security Filing is an additional requirement for cargo entering the U.S. The ISF rule requires

importers, customs brokers and other authorized agents in the marine mode of transport to submit additional information to CBP before the shipment’s arrival.


CBP uses ISF data for risk assessment and trade control. CBP officers can better target high risk shipments and prevent illegal activities while making sure inbound marine cargo poses no threats to the country and its citizens. Failure to submit ISF data may lead to penalties, delayed shipments, and increased scrutiny.


The importer of record or their customs broker is responsible for filing the ISF (first 10 data elements) to CBP at least 24 hours before the shipment is loaded onto the ocean vessel at the foreign port. The carrier is responsible for filing the last 2 data elements within the same timeframe.


With GeTS Managed Services for Import, we take care of ISF preparation and filing for all marine shipments. We use robust and highly secure EDI transmission that is directly connected to CBP’s Automated Commercial Environment (ACE).


FDA Prior Notice (FDA PN)

Managed Services for Import: FDA Prior Notice (FDA PN)

All food and animal feed products require a Prior Notice filing with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The Prior Notice is a pre-arrival notification of incoming food products, which allows officers to improve risk assessment and planning of the examination and movement of food shipments.


GeTS Managed Services for Import includes FDA PN filing for all applicable shipments. Our team prepares and submit Prior Notices to the FDA through the Automated Broker Interface (ABI in ACE) or the FDA Prior Notice System Interface (PNSI).


ACI Bay Plan


For imports in marine mode, GeTS will prepare and submit the bay or stowage plan to the CBSA 24 hours before loading the cargo at the foreign port. The process is fully automated for easy and quick submission.




To help freight forwarders, the GeTS team will prepare and submit advance electronic house bill (eHBL) data and close messages to the CBSA within mode-specific timeframes.




The GeTS RNS WACM (Release Notification System Warehouse Arrival Certification Message) is also included in the service. The application supports release status updates, shipment arrivals, Deployment 4 (D4) Notices, and Manifest Forward functionalities.


Entry Filing



Managed Services for Import: ACE/ABI

Entries and entry summaries are two primary cargo declarations that importers or customs brokers are required file with CBP. Entries contain a detailed summary of the goods in the shipment, including harmonized system classification codes that CBP uses to calculate duties, taxes and fees, applicable certificates or permits for regulated/quota goods, and shipment and consignee information. Entry summaries are accounting documents showing bond information, security, fees to be collected and fees paid.


Using GeTS ACE ABI solution, out team will file electronic import data (entry and entry summaries) directly to CBP via EDI connection. We pre-validate all information to ensure accuracy and completeness. This is the fastest way to submit electronic import data to CBP. The application also supports report generation, data queries, and import data tracking.



Managed Services for Import: IID/CADEX

The Integrated Import Declaration (IID) service is part of the CBSA’s Single Window Initiative (SWI). The IID service has been expanded to allow importers and customs brokers to obtain release for goods regulated by participating government agencies (PGAs). PGA licenses, permits, certificates and other documentation (LPCO) can be provided in the IID to be validated before the goods arrive.


The IID is a single release option for pre- and post-arrival processing. The system greatly reduces import paperwork, expedites the release of regulated goods, and allows importers/brokers to transmit declarations up to 90 days in advance. The IID can be used to declare PGA and non-PGA regulated goods.


GeTS Managed Services for Import includes IID/CADEX processing for all your shipments. We prepare, submit and process import declarations for the CBSA, 9 PGAs, ad 38 government programs. Our IID/CADEX program supports release declaration (IID), B3 accounting (CADEX), payments management (ARL), direct updates from CBSA (RNS & Notices) and the Document Imaging Functionality (DIF).


To learn more, visit our Managed Services for Import page or contact us today!




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