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  • 11 Jul 2019
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Manifest Changes to Paper Cargo Control Document for In Bond Shipments


Table of Contents:

Cargo Control Document for In Bond Shipments

ACI In Bond eManifest Process

ACI Lead Sheets

PARS Shipments

Submission Timeframe

Manifest Changes to Paper Cargo Control Document: How GeTS Can Help

Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) recently announced changes to its paper cargo control document process. Starting July 1, 2019, highway carriers no longer need to complete and present paper cargo control documents (A8A/B) for in bond shipments along with the electronic cargo manifest transmission.


In Bond shipments are shipments that move inland under bond. These shipments require an ACI eManifest transmission at least one hour before the carrier arrives at the first port of entry. Prior to the process change, the driver is required to present a completed paper A8A to the CBSA officer at the port of entry. The A8A is a document that contains details like the cargo control number (CCN).


Starting last July 1, the in bond shipment process will be entirely electronic, so drivers no longer need to present the paper A8A to the border officer. According to the CBSA Transportation of Goods Regulations, it is the responsibility of the driver or the carrier to retain proof that inbound goods were accepted into a sufferance warehouse.


The official notice from the CBSA (Customs Notice 19-11) stated that in-bond movement is now fully electronic. However, re-manifests and abstracts will remain a paper process.


Cargo Control Document for In Bond Shipments

Manifest Changes to Paper Cargo Control Document for In Bond Shipments

The in bond release option allows for the movement of cargo that has not yet been cleared by the CBSA. Carriers may choose the in bond release option instead of the regular release type like the Pre-Arrival Review System (PARS) if the cargo is for immediate export, the cargo is in transit on its way to another location, or the importer specifically requests an in-bond shipment.


Only bonded highway carriers can use the in-bond shipment release option. Non-bonded carriers, those with Carrier Codes starting with 1 or 7, cannot move in-bond goods. In-bond shipments must be manifested on the truck’s ACI eManifest and the paper A8A(B) form. The A8A(B) form is an in-bond cargo control document that contains the following information:

  • Acquittal No.
  • U.S. port of exit
  • In transit
  • Manifest from / To
  • Carrier code
  • Cargo control No.
  • Consignee name and address
  • Shipper name and address
  • Previous cargo control No.
  • No. of pkgs.
  • Description and marks
  • Weight
  • Rate
  • Advances
  • Prepaid
  • Collect
  • Foreign point of lading
  • Location of goods
  • Name of carrier
  • Conveyance identification


The form and the ACI lead sheet are presented to the customs officer at the border. The border officer will stamp the lead sheet as proof of report if everything is in order. This clears the truck to cross and allows the shipment to be delivered to a warehouse or another CBSA location to await customs release. The customs broker must file a formal entry before the cargo can be removed from the warehouse and delivered to the consignee.



ACI In Bond eManifest Process

The in bond shipment manifest process is straightforward. In the electronic manifest, the carrier designates the ACI shipment as In Bond or non-CSA and fills out the required information: shipment type, trip number, loading container, cargo control number (CCN), estimated arrival date, estimated arrival time, In Bond Destination Office Code or the CBSA destination port where the shipment will be released, and the Warehouse Code or the designated sub-location code where the goods will be stored.


The sub-location field is required in the eManifest and shipment sections. The in bond destination office is the customs office where the goods will be released or the customs office assigned to the warehouse where the goods are stored.



ACI Lead Sheets

Manifest Changes to Paper Cargo Control Document for In Bond Shipments: ACI Lead Sheets


Each shipment that enters Canada is tracked and recorded, and it is the responsibility of the carrier to maintain record books, proofs of report and proofs of release/transfer of liability when goods are moved into a warehouse. Highway carriers must present lead sheets to the officer and obtain proof of report when crossing the border into Canada. This is a requirement to log the passage.


The lead sheet is a paper document that contains at the minimum either a bar coded conveyance reference number (CRN) or a bar coded cargo control number (CCN) with a handwritten CRN. The required information on the lead sheet depends on the shipment. Truck drivers should communicate with their carriers to make sure all necessary data are included. Remember that paper documentation is not required if the carrier already keeps electronic records of proof of report/release.


Examples of accepted proof of report are the stamped eManifest lead sheet, Section 12(1) report from the eManifest Portal, or the New eManifest Reported Notice (starting Spring 2018). Examples of accepted proof of release are the bill of lading, stamped invoice, PARS Consist/Stack manifest (for FPOA release under PARS only), Release Notification (RNS) message received through a third party service provider, or the New eManifest Release Notice (starting Spring 2018).


PARS Shipments

 For pre-arrival review system (PARS) shipments destined for release at the first port of arrival (FPOA), the driver may present PARS documentation with a bar coded CCN and a hand written CRN as the lead sheet. After release at the FPOA, the border services officer will stamp the document as the proof of report and proof of release. The stamp satisfies the carrier’s obligation to maintain books and records.


A paper proof of report is required in certain cases, such as a rejected PARS shipment/PARS release not on file where the PARS is not corrected at the FPOA and the carrier is transporting an in-bond shipment. In this scenario, the carrier must present an alternate document (any paper with a hand written CRN for stamping and as proof of report.


Otherwise, the driver must submit a lead sheet containing either a bar coded CRN or a bar coded CCN with a hand written CRN. For all non-PARS releases, the words “eManifest Lead Sheet” or “Portal Lead Sheet” should be printed on the document presented to the border officer.

Submission Timeframe

The in bond eManifest must be submitted to CBSA at least an hour before the truck arrives at the border. Starting this July, the paper A8A(B) form is no longer needed for in bond shipments. The ACI lead sheet is still required, however. The transaction number will be sent after the goods have been delivered to the warehouse or storage.



Paper Cargo Control Document for In Bond Shipments: How GeTS Can Help

Manifest Changes to Paper Cargo Control Document for In Bond Shipments: How GeTS Can Help

More trade processes are becoming digitized, as the in bond manifest changes show, and carriers that fail to adapt risk losing business to more tech-savvy competitors. To help with the transition to electronic processing and simplify eManifest filing for in bond shipments, carriers should consider working with CBSA-approved providers like Global eTrade Services (GeTS).


GeTS is a leader in global trade facilitation. GeTS solutions help traders streamline customs paperwork and optimize compliance. For carriers, drivers and trade participants importing goods into Canada, GeTS ACI Highway streamlines eManifest preparation and filing.


GeTS ACI Highway is available as a web-based application or integrated into existing in-house systems. The web-based app allows carriers to prepare and submit eManifests to the CBSA within minutes and receive shipment status notifications in real time. It also features bulk eManifest preparation and filing, auto-population of data fields and comprehensive validation.


Subscribers get unlimited database storage for trucks, trailers, drivers and trade partners to facilitate automatic data population and real-time notification alerts for all eManifest responses via mobile app, email and SMS.


Contact us or visit our ACI eManifest page today to learn more.



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