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  • 08 Jul 2015
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Panama Cargo Manifest Filing Solutions for Mid & Small Size Carriers and Cargo Agents

Cargo manifest is a document that details a transport vehicle’s itinerary and all contracts of carriage (bills of lading) issued by the carrier or its representative for a particular shipment. The document also shows the shipment’s consignor, consignee, notify party, product details, origin, destination and other important information. Cargo manifest information is required to be submitted by the carrier (a shipping company, customs broker or agent) in advance to the destination country’s customs office for risk assessment and processing.


With stricter trade regulations after 9/11 and advances in technology, many countries have adopted electronic cargo manifest filing systems. In Panama, cargo manifest filing is made easy through the country’s Integrated Customs Management System or Sistema Integrado de Gestion Aduanera (SIGA) developed by service provider CrimsonLogic. SIGA helps facilitate the processing of electronic customs documents filed by importers and exporters in Panama.


Established carriers moving large volumes of cargo every day as well as small and mid-sized carriers and cargo agents use the system for Panama cargo manifest filing or processing. However, changing trade regulations and standards may complicate the filing process, especially for small carriers and agents. For example, carrier cargo manifest formats may be incompatible with formats supported by Panama customs. The wrong format and wrong information can lead to heavy penalties, not to mention denial of entry and delayed deliveries.


CrimsonLogic offers the ALL-Cargo manifest filing solution for small carriers and agents engaged in Panama trade. ALL-Cargo is an application that customizes proprietary cargo eManifest information so that it matches the format accepted by Panama customs. It maps and translates cargo information automatically, helping carriers and agents save time while increasing filing efficiency. ALL-Cargo also helps carriers comply with IATA and CUSCAR standards for Panama cargo manifest filing.


ALL-Cargo comes in different price plans with corresponding numbers of transactions. The flexible monthly plans are ideal for carriers and cargo agents that may not have the resources to customize their Panama cargo manifest formats internally.


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Panama Cargo Manifest Filing Solutions for Mid & Small Size Carriers and Cargo Agents