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  • 29 Jun 2015
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What is eManifest VAN Flow?

A Value-Added Network or VAN is a public network that facilitates Canada eManifest information transmission from carriers to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) or US Customs and Border Protection (CBP).


Through the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system, service providers connection to Customs can simplify the communication process between carriers and customs officials by reducing the number of intermediary contacts. The third party can also use service providers connection to Customs to encrypt communication between parties. The VAN system is like email, but the content is structured data instead of text. In effect, VANs store information and forward them to the recipient directly.


The VAN system works as follows:


1. Company sends information to VAN

2. VAN sends information to receiving party

3. Receiving party accepts information from VAN

4. Receiving party sends information back to company through VAN


Canada and US eManifest VAN Flow


The carrier connects with the third party’s VAN and sends its EDI data to the CBSA or CBP mailbox where they are stored. The carrier then disconnects from the service. When it is convenient, the recipient connects to the network to receive the stored messages


Here is an example of the process:


•          Highway carrier X works with service provider Y:

•          Both parties agree that cargo and conveyance data must be transmitted to the customs official using a specific file format (XML files for instance) and method (in this case VAN).

•          Carrier X sends eManifest data to the VAN and VAN sends the information to the CBSA mailbox.

•          Customs contacts VAN to pick up the information.

•          Later, customs sends back messages and notifications to the carrier (Accepted/Rejected notices and other messages).


Besides connecting carriers to customs through EDI, VANs may provide other services: connecting with other VANs, archiving, tracing and auditing transmissions, and providing secure gateways to non-EDI delivery methods like the internet. To determine the most appropriate EDI method for your business, consult your service provider.


If you have questions about the US and Canada eManifest VAN flow, ACI eManifest filing and logistics processing, feel free to send us your inquiries through our contact form.



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