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ZTO CALISTA freight exchange



As one of the largest express delivery providers in China, ZTO continues to expand their global outreach. CALISTA freight exchange and GeTS’ Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services complement ZTO to embark on their expansion plans.

What was ZTO looking for?

ZTO wanted to expand their business locally and globally, and one of the fastest ways of doing this is to expand their partner network and offer their services to other logistics service providers (LSPs). ZTO can reach more customers through CALISTA freight exchange, but with expansion comes an increased amount of work, particularly in the areas of trade declaration. They needed a solution to help them with their expansion, manage trade declaration efficiently and maximise their profits without compromising service quality.

Why choose Cfex and BPO services?

By coming onboard CALISTA freight exchange, ZTO can buy, sell and stitch services any time with other LSPs without the trouble of negotiating partnership contracts. CALISTA freight exchange provides ZTO more flexibility and exposure. Together with GeTS’ BPO services, ZTO is relieved of permit declaration documentation so they can focus their resources on expanding their business and enhancing their infrastructure capabilities to acquire more land use rights to build high capacity sorting hubs, distribution and e-commerce centres. 

What did ZTO like about the solution(s) in particular?

CALISTA freight exchange provides its users all the support in marketing and sales operations. ZTO is able to react quickly to meet customers’ demands and focus on provide good services to ZTO’s customers.

By outsourcing trade declarations to GeTS, ZTO is able to make use of GeTS’ vast expertise and experience to ensure their permit declarations are done in a timely and error-free manner, without having to invest in more manpower.

“With CALISTA freight exchange, we are able to reach LSPs faster and easier. With our permit declaration outsourced, we rely on GeTS’ expertise in compliance filing. Together with GeTS, we are able to work towards serving a wider trade community in China and beyond.”