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Mitsui & Co. (Asia Pacific) Pte. Ltd. (MAP) Cross Border Service (xBS)



MAP is the regional headquarters for Mitsui & Co., Ltd. one of the world's most diversified trading, investment, and services enterprise. Based in Singapore, it oversees operations in 15 countries across Southwest Asia, Southeast Asia, and Oceania. With the rapidly changing international trade and compliance landscape, MAP on-boarded CALISTA to coordinate and automate customs activities in various countries, as well as to optimize controls.

What was MAP looking for? 

The increased demand for electronic sharing of compliance data and the global trend towards a risk-based approach has led MAP to embark on a search for an intuitive, regional compliance solution.

CALISTA takes the complexity out of customs by offering a one-stop solution to MAP’s needs. By utilising CALISTA’s Cross Border Service (xBS), MAP can make electronic submissions to multiple customs nodes and seamlessly automate the creation of customs declarations in the front-end portals for Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. CALISTA will also perform data transformation by using business logic to map the information accordingly to the destination customs’ format. This information is securely stored on cloud for documentation and audit purposes.

What did MAP like about CALISTA in particular?

Across the various vendors that MAP assessed, CALISTA stood out due its extensive global customs network and its interoperability with affiliated platforms and services, which included TradeWeb and Permit Reconciliation Service. By integrating CALISTA, MAP enjoys a seamless and fuss-free data transfer for its cross-border regulatory filing needs. This resulted in improved internal efficiency, reduced workload, higher accuracy and adds value to MAP’s partners in the ASEAN region. MAP has plans to continue its engagement with GeTS as its trusted supply chain and compliance partner.

Note: This is an ongoing collaboration with a vision to successfully digitize processes by the second half of 2021.