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  Product used: 
  CALISTA book and track



Established in 1984, the company became the first major chemical manufacturer in the region. CALISTA book and track provides them with full transparency of their shipments’ activities. The audit trail also saves their manpower in meeting audit requirements and mitigating risks.

What was the company looking for?

They wanted more transparency on shipment activities like booking, tracking, and information such as estimated time of arrival. Traditionally, the team relied on periodic reports from their logistics service provider (LSP).

In addition, they would like to have a system of records such that staff need not waste time and effort looking for the information whenever there is an audit.

Why choose CALISTA book and track?

CALISTA book and track enables them to collaborate with their LSP and carrier-partners seamlessly via one platform, while having full visibility of all shipments.  Such information can be time sensitive and critical as they need to ensure their shipments arrive on time, or for contingencies should there be delays.  Their LSP no longer need to spend resources on reports as information can be retrieved real-time via CALISTA.

In addition, the information forms an audit trail. They no longer need to waste effort assembling documents for an audit. They are also able to draw insights from analysis of the data. This contributes to their risk mitigation.

"Humans are creatures of habits. However, CALISTA has made it easy for us to change the status quo and reap the benefits of advancement in technology without any upfront investment."