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With over 40 years of experience in providing quality logistics solutions, Cogent Holdings has grown into one of Singapore’s leading logistics management service providers. Cogent Holdings strives to continually innovate to develop the best logistics solutions for the industry’s ever-evolving needs. CALISTA freight exchange helped Cogent Holdings to manage their rates internally, ensuring there is only one single source of information. Through digitalisation, Cogent Holdings is able to embark on higher efficiency with less manual work and minimal errors.

Challenges faced by Cogent Holdings

The process of managing and updating rates internally between Singapore and Malaysia has always been a very manual one. The rates will be updated on excel spreadsheets and shared between two geographic locations. Thus, it is difficult to keep track as to whether the information is updated. Sometimes there will be overlapping information which causes confusion between the two teams.

Why Cogent chose CALISTA freight exchange and how has the platform met Cogent’s challenges

Cogent Holdings had been engaging with GeTS for some time and they believed GeTS understood their needs very well. The solutions they were looking for would, ideally, address their challenges and at the same time, add value to existing operations and processes. CALISTA freight exchange not only served this purpose well to help them manage rates internally, it could also help them to market their services and expand their opportunities through its marketplace when the need arose. The solution is versatile and easy to implement making the entire adoption process a breeze for SH Cogent.

What Cogent liked about Cfex

Freight rates management can be complex. With CALISTA freight exchange, Cogent Holdings is able to consolidate and manage freight rates among different carriers and contracts through a single platform. This means faster access to freight rates for both direct customers and sales teams, resulting in improved customer experience and efficiency for the logistics community.

“The system is user friendly, simple and easy to learn. It is also accessible 24 hours, anywhere and anytime, as it is a web-based system.” – Koh Meng Yong, Marketing Manager, Cogent Integrated Supply Chain Pte Ltd

About Cogent Holdings

Cogent Holdings Pte. Ltd. and its subsidiaries (“Cogent”) started providing point-to-point cargo transportation with a small fleet of trucks in the 1960s. Today, it has grown into one of Singapore’s leading logistics management service providers and is a highly regarded listed company with a broad-based clientele that ranges from large local companies to multinational companies.

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