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Country Trading Co Importer-of-Record



Located in New Zealand, Country Trading is a family owned supply store that carries different ranges of kitchen and gardening supplies. They were looking to expand into the Asian market, to Singapore in particular. Without wanting to set up a local entity, they tapped on GeTS’ IOR services and compliance expertise to bring in their product wares into the country.

What was Country Trading looking for?

Import regulations vary from country to country and getting import licenses may often take time. This could cause a delay in the start of operations. As Singapore is a new market for Country Trading, they wanted to ensure that their shipments could enter the country without any delays. Thus, Country Trading leveraged on GeTS’ IOR services as it offered them a simple yet comprehensive solution in managing their imports and ensuring compliance with local laws.

Why choose GeTS?

With over 30 years of deep domain knowledge and experience in trade facilitation in Singapore, GeTS was well equipped to manage Country Trading’s import process and was appointed as their direct IOR.

Prior to importation, GeTS provided advisory on import taxes, registering for an import license from the Singapore Food Agency for ‘Processed Food Appliances’ and prepared the necessary shipping documents. While in the air, the GeTS team in Singapore submitted all the essential customs clearance documents to local authorities and filed an import permit. Apart from that, GeTS also liaised with Country Trading’s freight forwarders to ensure speedy clearance of their product. By outsourcing these tasks to GeTS, Country Trading was able to focus on the core aspects of their business and expand their network.