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GeTS' Customs Clearance, Container Freight Station (CFS)


Boxette has grown quickly since its inception, with offices in both Ukraine and Georgia. Apart from providing international freight logistics from China and warehouse fulfilment services in the US, they are also integrated into leading eMarketplaces. To keep up with their deliveries, Boxette was looking for a new Customs brokerage partner that is experienced in Customs clearance and is responsive to their needs.


Boxette is constantly growing and reaching out to new clients worldwide. As their existing provider had stopped providing clearance services, a new partner was needed that could manage the high clearance volume fast and have significant expertise and knowledge in eCommerce and cross-border trade compliance.


GeTS proved to be a reliable partner and onboarded Boxette quickly. By utilising the Customs Clearance and Container Freight Station (CFS) solutions, Boxette was able to clear and deliver their trial shipment in Georgia within two weeks. GeTS’ solutions ensured Boxette’s shipments were undisrupted, and they had a dependable partner who could address their concerns round the clock.


The deep domain knowledge in clearing Customs, low risk of trial shipment and speed of onboarding allowed Boxette to maintain the same delivery and fulfilment speed provided to their clients. This gave them the confidence to continue using GeTS and they are currently looking to further enhance the relationship.

“Integrating GeTS’ Customs clearance and CFS solutions is just the beginning. We look forward to continuing this collaboration to expand our service portfolio and provide better value-added services like FDA clearance to our customers.”
Ioseb Kanteladze
CEO, Boxette