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Haulio, Singapore’s largest container haulage platform, taps on CALISTA freight exchange to reach more buyers for haulage services



Haulio, Singapore’s largest container haulage platform, taps on CALISTA freight exchange to reach more buyers for haulage services

With over 90% of Singapore's hauliers connected to its platform, Haulio’s mission is to empower businesses through technology and improve their asset utilization and resources through better matching of jobs. CALISTA freight exchange complements Haulio’s efforts in maximizing hauliers’ fleet utilization by reaching out to more buyers in Singapore and beyond, thus minimising empty backhaul.

What was Haulio looking for

As Singapore’s largest container haulage platform, Haulio is constantly on the lookout for more buyers of haulage services.

Why Haulio chose CALISTA freight exchange

To reach a larger pool of buyers, beyond Singapore

The longer term synergy with partners is key to Haulio’s considerations for on-boarding with CALISTA freight exchange. As an existing partner on CALISTA, Haulio is keen on extending its services on CALISTA freight exchange to strengthen its value as a digital haulage fulfilment platform. Through CALISTA freight exchange, Haulio is able to reach out to a bigger pool of potential buyers beyond Singapore, particularly in ASEAN and China.

“CALISTA freight exchange increases awareness of our digital haulage network and drives further outreach for increased business and loads to be fulfilled by our partners – bringing us one step closer to our vision of transforming the first mile of container logistics through better efficiency and optimization of resources by encouraging digitalization across the chain,” said Alvin Ea, CEO and Co-Founder of Haulio.

What Haulio liked about CALISTA freight exchange 

A platform that sets high standards for its IT solutions expects the same of its partner

Hauliers expect simplicity and ease of use  when looking for a suitable IT solution, to allow for a seamless switch from more manual operations. With this in mind, Haulio’s solutions are built to be intuitive and user-friendly, with the same expectations of the partners they work with. CALISTA freight exchange has made it possible for Haulio to swiftly set up its dedicated webpage and service listing, enabling Haulio to start reaching out to new customers in the CALISTA freight exchange community immediately. All processes of request for quotation, providing of quotes, negotiations and payments are streamlined and captured in a structured manner, making it hassle-free for Haulio to service new customers. 





About Haulio

Haulio is Singapore’s largest container haulage platform, with the greater vision of transforming Southeast Asia’s port logistics by enabling hauliers, through technology, to move towards a collaborative future of efficient and optimised usage of resources. Their vision is to simplify intermodal logistics through digital orchestration of container movements on land, with a mission to build digital collaborative tools for a more efficient and intelligent haulage community. Customers can rely on Haulio’s platform as an alternative option for their haulage needs at any time via spot rates, which also guarantees reliable and timely fulfilment.

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