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Challenges faced by TIFFA

In today’s challenging environment, freight forwarders face the challenge of reaching out to new customers and connecting with other freight forwarders for business collaboration and tie-ups.

They are also faced with many manual processes that are counter-productive that needs to be improved via adopting digital solutions that are affordable and easy to use.

Considerations when looking for a solution

The solution needs to be as economical as possible in order to maximize the full benefits while keeping costs down. Ideally, the solution should help them to digitalise their manual processes and at the same time easy to use in order to drive adoption. Thus, they will need a reliable technology provider that is world-class in terms of security and service.

What TIFFA like about hive freight exchange - Powered by CALISTA

Although hive freight exchange - Powered by CALISTA is a new platform, TIFFA members were able to adapt to it easily under the guidance of GeTS. As it is based on a monthly subscription model, it provided the cost-efficiency and flexibility to use such a platform while only needing to pay small monthly fees. The customised micro-site also allows TIFFA members to connect directly with their customers digitally with customized rates while the marketplace opens up possibilities of cross-border collaboration with other freight forwarders to increase business leads. Overall, the solution is simple, flexible, affordable and coupled with the strong support and relevant training from GeTS, TIFFA was able to adopt hive freight exchange quickly and efficiently.

“In these difficult times, it is imperative for all of us to work together to keep businesses and economy going. With hive freight exchange - Powered by CALISTA, we (TIFFA) want to help our members embrace digitalisation and remain competitive in the market. We are positive that this will be a great tool for our members to expand their opportunities across ASEAN, China and the rest of the world.”

Mr. Witoon Santibunyarat, President of Thai International Freight Forwarders Association (TIFFA)

TIFFA President