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Kua Jing Zai Xian

GeTS Entry Type 86 (T86), Container Freight Station (CFS), last-mile


Kua Jing(广州跨境在线供应链管理有限公司), a logistics company based in Guangzhou, offers one-stop solutions for cross-border e-commerce. Handling more than 20,000 orders per day, they aim to be the most reliable supply chain management enterprise in China’s cross-border logistics industry.

With the onboarding of CrimsonLogic Shanghai’s Entry Type 86 (T86), Container Freight Station (CFS) and last-mile solutions, Kua Jing could offer competitive pricing, more efficient service, allowing them to penetrate new product markets and improve their customer product lines.


Kua Jing wanted to differentiate themselves from other logistics service providers, to improve their product offerings and enhance service efficiency, thus delighting their customers.


In response, CrimsonLogic Shanghai helped Kua Jing with our T86, CFS and last-mile solutions. T86 is a relatively new clearance option for low-value shipments (US$800 or less) that provides greater visibility into normal and regulated shipments and ensures regulatory requirements are met.

With our easy-to-use yet powerful T86 tool requiring just one Customs filing for three systems, Kua Jing’s customers now enjoy a much smoother customs-clearing process. By integrating the Manifest, Security Filing and Declaration, customers can do away with the hassle of re-entering data, saving valuable time, minimising errors and streamlining the process of meeting compliance requirements of revised policies and new regulations, therefore increasing productivity.

Our CFS and last-mile solutions ensured prompt delivery for them, with more efficient transiting and dispatching. On the whole, Kua Jing’s customers benefitted from an improved timeliness and enhanced safety of shipments.


With CrimsonLogic Shanghai on board, Kua Jing now has a stable and reliable Customs compliance and logistics partner. Not only are they able to improve their customer product lines, Kua Jing now also benefits from the new product markets opened up to them. In all, Kua Jing is able to offer competitive pricing and provide efficient service, making them the preferred choice amongst the logistics service providers.

“Ever since implementing CrimsonLogic Shanghai’s solutions, we are able to enter new markets and improve our product offerings, while bringing down the costs for our customers. They are also happy with our higher standard of service now, so thank you, CrimsonLogic Shanghai.”
Kua Jing