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US e-Commerce Import Programme


Based in China, Shanghai Pengze Technology Co Ltd (Pengze) is a freight forwarder serving retailers within the region to export their goods into the US. Due to a lack of visibility and real-time management of information, Pengze was looking for a convenient solution that would alleviate the issues surrounding e-Commerce and logistics management. Leveraging GeTS’ cross-border trade and compliance expertise, Pengze was able to improve their e-Commerce supply chain processes and provide their customers with full visibility over their shipments.

What was Pengze looking for?

Pengze previously relied on multiple partners to fulfil and manage the different aspects of their e-Commerce value chain. From freight forwarding, Customs House Broker (CHB) to Container Freight Stations (CFS), each of these parties were independent of each other and provided Pengze with limited information on the shipments. To streamline their efforts and serve their customers more effectively, Pengze tapped on GeTS’ US e-Commerce import program – Powered by CALISTA. It is a convenient service for the importation of e-Commerce goods into the US, inclusive of customs compliance, ground handling and the fulfilment aspects once the goods arrive in the country. Apart from that, Pengze was also able to easily track Master Airway Bill statuses and pick out specific House Bills whenever a shipment issue arises.   

Why choose GeTS?

GeTS’ US e-Commerce Import Program covers the full spectrum of Pengze’s e-Commerce logistics needs from the time the shipment arrives in the US, till the last-mile delivery. With linkages to major airports and ocean ports, as well as automated customs filing, the US e-Commerce Import Programme offers wider options with great rates. It leverages on CALISTA's supply chain orchestration capabilities which supports the transformation of trade and shipping data for compliance and coordination of the physical logistics.

Through advanced technology, data from Pengze is integrated and automated to allow the fast release of their high-volume parcels and comply with the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) requirements. They were also able to provide their customers with real-time information on the location of their goods; whether the shipment is enroute to the CFS, being held at the carrier, or enroute to the last mile facility.