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SAB Express CALISTA Regulatory Filing



SAB Express is the licensed clearing agent for FedEx and its subsidiary in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for more than 30 years. As part of its continuing effort to enhance its productivity and customer services, SAB Express has on-boarded CALISTA for a more intuitive trade compliance submission solution.

What was SAB Express looking for?

Being up to date with and interpreting Customs requirements correctly required significant time and effort, as a misinterpretation would result in rejection of the declaration, which could delay the clearing of physical cargo. SAB Express needed an intuitive solution Customs declarations.

Why choose CALISTA compliance?

CALISTA, which has Customs connectivity at 61 nodes, is integrated with Fasah, the local Customs declaration system. CALISTA is able to process declarations that adhere to relevant business rules and the latest Customs submission requirements, so SAB Express can be assured that their declarations will be successful when submitting via CALISTA.

What SAB Express liked about CALISTA in particular?

The perks of using CALISTA include:

  • Real time and full visibility of transactions and statuses e.g. pending, errors and approved declarations, through a dashboard.
  • While the declarations are being filed, CALISTA securely stores the data on cloud. This information serves as a System of Records, so SAB Express does not need to spend extra effort preparing documents during audit.
  • In addition to the prompt production support and fast response, the CALISTA team has been proactive in recommending solutions.