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This is to notify you that we have been alerted of job scams misusing the name of Global eTrade Services (GeTS). We would like to emphasize that there is no active, ongoing recruitment under the brand name of GeTS as we now operate under our parent company, CrimsonLogic. Please read the full disclaimer here.

Increasing Reliability And Timeliness Of ACE Air Data Transmission

Increase Data Reliability

Increase Data Reliability

Standardizing the way the trade community & Customs communicate


Submit Air eManifest to customs quickly and easily
24/7 Customer Support

24/7 Customer Support

Expert assistance via chat and email

About ACE Air

GeTS’ ACE Air enables carriers and freight forwarders to obtain notifications such as in-bond authorizations, general order, permit to proceed, and local transfer authorization upon flight departure or arrival from the last foreign port.

Airway bill data can be transmitted in any sequence. GeTS ACE Air increases data reliability and electronic enforcement capability by standardizing the way the trade community and Customs communicate. The service further value-adds by providing multiple subscription plans and connectivity options, bundled with 24/7 customer support. 

Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) was introduced by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). This initiative is a cargo inventory control and release notification system for ocean, air, highway and rail carriers. ACE Air allows carriers to “arrive” an in-bond shipment and to file in-bond, permit to proceed, and local transfers electronically.

What is Section 321?

A Section 321 entry is a type of informal entry that allows the release of goods valued at $800 or less. To be released under a Section 321, the shipment must not exceed $800 in value and must not be one of several lots covered by a single order or contract. Section 321 entries may be claimed in conjunction with an eManifest filing, subsequently reducing paperwork for low-value goods and allow faster clearance processing.

Click Here for Frequently Asked Questions on Section 321 Entry Type 86

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