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Your Direct eManifest Filing Solutions Importing into Canada

GeTs combines technology with the best customer experience and exceptional support, designed to provide solutions and value-added services to meet the diverse needs of freight forwarders.



Our solution is designed to simplify and automate workflows achieving speed and productivity.


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Get free 24/7 live support whenever you need it from answering technical questions to filing a manifest.

New Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) Requirements

Freight forwarders are required by CBSA to prepare and electronically transmit the required house bill, house bill close message and/or supplementary cargo data within the timeframes specified.

House bills are required for all consolidated import, and in-transit shipments. Supplementary cargo data is required for consolidated Freight Remaining On Board (FROB) shipments in the air and marine modes.

As per Customs Notice 20-28, a six-month period of informed compliance is in effect and penalties will begin June 2021. For more information, refer to CBSA Freight Forwarder Pre-Arrival and Reporting Requirements Memorandum D3-3-1.

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Discover the right solution for you
Stress-Free eManifest Filing Service

Outsource Electronic House Bill Manifest filing to GeTS with fast processing time and total visibility of shipment status and Customs notices.

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House Bill Web Service

GeTS global platform is also an easy-to-use web portal with comprehensive data validation that prompts you of any issues so users can correct any data errors before submission. If at any time you get rejections from the CBSA, you will be notified via email alerts and you can easily track the status on our mobile app to take timely action.

If you have high volume of submissions, consider automating your eManifest Filing needs using our Integration Service as the ultimate solution. House bill data can be transmitted seamlessly from your in-house system(s) (e.g. ERP, FMS, TMS) directly to CBSA via GeTS’ connectivity. This option allows you to cut the time spent on repetitive actions and minimize filing errors, thus increasing productivity for your organization.


grouping User Management user friendly visibility
Integration User Control Ease of Use Visibility
Automate processes with FMS, TMS or ERP integration Configurable account user roles to control functions and views Effortless filing with smart validation, quick uploads and fast responses Automatic real-time CBSA notifications and D4 notices


Getting Started

Freight forwarders who are required to transmit pre-arrival house bill, house bill close message or supplementary cargo data to the CBSA must hold a valid CBSA issued carrier code.

GeTS offers full consultation and guidance to prepare your company to register with the CBSA including carrier code application, obtaining Customs bond, ACI registration and full onboarding on all necessary requirements.


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