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Trusted, Secure And Immutable

Improved Traceability

Improved Traceability

Track from source to distribution points in seconds
Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

Trusted industry partners and networks
Improved Efficiency

Improved Efficiency

Through streamlined supply chain processes

About Open Trade Blockchain (OTB)

GeTS’ Open Trade Blockchain (OTB) is the first cross-border blockchain solution that connects trade communities. With an easy-to-use interface and APIs for advanced system integration that provides building blocks for new services, OTB can help streamline supply chain management for business and trade communities.

The use of blockchain, the technology that powers cryptocurrencies, is gaining momentum in the global trade and logistics industry due to its potential to significantly improve visibility, tracking and security. Blockchain has many applications in the trade and logistics domain and can improve every aspect of the supply chain from sourcing to warehousing to distribution. 

GeTS’ Open Trade Blockchain for business is a permissioned blockchain of trusted nodes for trade communities. As a leading provider of global connectivity services based on the software-as-a-service model, GeTS is ahead when it comes to trade and logistics tracking and implementation. Trusted industry partners and networks are connected to the GeTS OTB platform to further improve visibility and security. Only whitelisted trade organizations with neutral representation are involved as trusted nodes.

Suitable user groups
  • Shipper
  • Freight forwarder
  • Shipping line
  • Industry player / Manufacturer
  • Custom broker
  • Importer
  • Exporter
  • Trader
  • Local service provider
  • Government
CIC will realize the transfer of credit value base on the trade flow, logistics flow, capital flow and information flow in ZALL SMARTCOM ecosystem through OTB. As such, CIC users will benefit from the trusted logistics track and trace information enabled by OTB. We look forward to potential new features through OTB’s open infrastructure, such as smart contracts for supply chain finance, where CIC will be able to provide various trade financing for upstream and downstream clients in cross-border trades, such as movables financing, and warehouse receipt financing.
Mr Peter Yu
CEO, Commodities Intelligence Centre (CIC)