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Boost your software / platform with trade knowledge in 180 + countries

CALISTA intelligent advisory can integrate with any ERP, freight management software or e-Commerce platform via API calls

No more searching through different sites 

Through your platform, your users can access  the All-in-one advisory on preferential duties and taxes, trade formalities, document, FTAs, HS product classification and more.

Increase your platform capabilities


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CALISTA  intelligent advisory has been developed by GeTS Asia Pte Ltd. 

As a global leading trade platform company, GeTS (Global eTrade Services) is shaping the future of trade and supply chain with its innovative use of technology and deep G2B and B2B domain expertise. 

Our parent company, CrimsonLogic, is a partner to governments and businesses globally. For over 30 years, CrimsonLogic has partnered customers to innovate sustainable world-class solutions, products and services in Trade, Legal and Digital Government, enabling significant transformations that have positively impacted governments, businesses and communities. CrimsonLogic is supported by two shareholders – PSA International and Enterprise Singapore.