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Connecting And Securing Your Port Business Processes

Secure Electronic Interchange

Secure Electronic Interchange

Through a centralised platform that connects all stakeholders
Enhanced Port Operations Efficiency

Enhanced Port Operations Efficiency

Through effective management of data
Reduce Costs And Mitigate Risks

Reduce Costs And Mitigate Risks

With PCS’ enhanced transparency and traceability

About Port Community System (PCS)

With growing emphasis on globalization and the infrastructure needed to support agile port businesses, Port Community System (PCS) was developed to complement port operators’ efforts in promoting uninterrupted flow of goods, ship management and surveying services.

To realize the business potential of a world-class port, PCS orchestrates and addresses the complex interactions among port community stakeholders. The solution provides a centralized platform that connects all public and private stakeholders and enables the secure electronic exchange of information across the port.

Before GPN
After GPN

Port and logistics processes are automated through a single electronic submission of data which is made accessible to all parties on a central repository. Overall turnaround time is improved as PCS intelligently combines and redistributes data. This provides stakeholders with active alerts and interfaces with most of the carriers, terminals and local authorities. Vessel Profile Approval, Berth Requests and Voyage Registration that can take up to 2 days can be completed instantly.

Before Implementation
After Implementation

Vessel Profile Submission and Approval

48 hours Average 1-2 hours In many cases, it is immediate

Voyage Registration and VCN Allocation

48 hours Average 1-2 hours In many cases, it is immediate

Berth Request and Allocation

Next day Immediate  

Container-related Messages

Physical submission

All documents are submitted online by users


Cargo-related Messages Delivery Orders

5-6 hours Within 1 hour of  submission  

The implementation of modern PCS allows cargo movement tracking beyond port premises and empowers customs officers to effectively detect illicit goods while maintaining timely clearance of legitimate goods at the port. Stakeholders can reduce costs and mitigate risks in favour of business opportunities with enhanced transparency and traceability from PCS. 

We have benefitted greatly from CrimsonLogic’s Port Community System (PCS). After implementing PCS in 16 ports, we are able to cut down the time or vessel submission and approval from 48 hours to immediate. Berth request and allocation can be processed instantly now. Goods enjoy faster customs clearance as document and data submitted in PCS is readily available. The Port authority is also able to provide various port related online services to the shipping agents, including tracking of cargo movement beyond port premises.
Rajeev Puri
Senior Deputy Directory (IT), Indian Ports Association