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Facilitating Permit Reconciliation and Trade Record Keeping

Improve Trade Compliance

Improve Trade Compliance

Permit declarations data availability for compliance audits, complete trade record keeping in a centralized system
Enhance Efficiency

Enhanced Efficiency

All information consolidated in a single report, auto uploading and permit storage, easy retrieval of trade records for regulatory audits

About Permit Reconciliation Report (PRR) Service

PRR – Reporting Feature

GeTS PRR combines the key shipment details declared through TradeNet and ACCESS (Advance Clearance for Courier and Express Shipment) into a single report. Subscribers can download a single report consisting of all declarations declared under their unique entity number (UEN) via TradeNet and ACCESS from a single platform.

Besides significant time savings, the report also streamlines the current workflow and assists the customer in the following:

  • Verify key details such as the Total CIF Value (SGD), Trader’s UEN declared via TradeNet and ACCESS to ensure trade declarations compliance & reporting accuracy to government authority.
  • Generate required reports which eliminates the need to manually transcribe information from invoices and supporting documents in archives.
  • Conduct due diligence checks to ensure proper usage of Trader's UEN by their declaring agent/freight forwarders.

PRR Integration

GeTS’ PRR also provides the integration service to transmit TradeNet permits (XML and PDF) or ACCESS permits (xml) into Customer in-house system.

Traders can eliminate the need for manual retrieval and storage of the approved pdf permits from their Customs brokers or forwarders and thus improving efficiency. The permit xml data can also be converted and use for their internal reporting or trade compliance checks.

Alternatively, traders can also opt to have the TradeNet permit (XML and PDF) and ACCESS permit (XML) to be transmitted to GeTS Brokerage Control Tower Service (BCTS) system for trade document record keeping. BCTS Trade document pouch feature enables the consolidation of approved permits and its supporting documents in a single platform. It also has other features which include the case, license, and compound management to assist the customer in their post clearance activities management. BCTS enhance efficiency of the customer through the automatic approved permits storage and supports the ease of trade documents retrieval for Customs audit.

Suitable user groups
  • Importer
  • Exporter
  • Trader