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  • 30 Sep 2016
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Benefits of Using ACE US

The primary goal of ACE US is to speed up legitimate trade and improves U.S. CBP’s (Customs and Border Protection) ability to assess risk, identify suspect shipments and protect the country’s borders. As the single electronic window (SEW), Automated Commercial Environment will automate and simplify manual processes, reduce paper filings significantly and allow the global trade community to comply with U.S. regulations more efficiently.


Other benefits of using ACE:

Benefits of Using ACE US


Quick data availability. The system allows the fast flow of information between the U.S. government and the trading community. This means better identification of high-risk, dangerous or prohibited cargo, more rapid decision making by CBP, and enhanced security.


Reduced paper forms. The set of data to be submitted electronically to CBP by trade participants is now standardized and will replace the high volume of paper forms required by different government agencies. Fewer resources are needed to file compared to paper forms. ACE also allows clients to submit supporting documents to CPB and other agencies as image files.


Easier compliance. Gone are the days when shippers and agents are required to transact with multiple agencies in multiple locations to secure permits and cargo clearances. ACE makes it easy for the trading community to comply with changing regulations. Only submit the required data electronically and wait for the response.


Improved visibility. Through this trade facilitation system, CBP sends notifications to carriers and shippers who can view the status of shipments via email or SMS. These messages can be shared with other parties like truck drivers, so they know exactly when to cross the border.


Improved accuracy. By filing documentation through a single electronic window, ACE reduces the possibility or error and the need for data validation. Complete and accurate forms lead to faster processing and cargo release.


Reduced processing costs. It costs money to send information to CBP and other government agencies, electronically or through paper systems. These costs are passed on to consumers. ACE US simplifies information exchange through automation and single-window submission, thus keeping processing costs down.




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