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Job Scam Alert: 

This is to notify you that we have been alerted of job scams misusing the name of Global eTrade Services (GeTS). We would like to emphasize that there is no active, ongoing recruitment under the brand name of GeTS as we now operate under our parent company, CrimsonLogic. Please read the full disclaimer here.

Business Partner Code of Conduct


At GeTS, we are committed to conducting business with honesty and integrity to deliver world-class solutions, products and services and to enable digital transformation that positively impact lives and communities.
We recognise that our partners play an important role in helping us maintain the trust of our customers, stakeholders and communities at large. To accomplish this goal, we strive to only work with individuals and organisations who share our values and commitment to ethical business practices.
The GeTS Partner Code of Conduct (“Code”) outlines our principles and standard in how we conduct our business. The Code applies to you as GeTS’ suppliers, vendors, business partners, agents, intermediaries, as well as personnel employed by or engaged by you to provide services (collectively referred to as either “Partner” or “you”). It is our expectation that you share the same principles and standards and comply to this Code when conducting business with GeTS and our customers. If we have reasonable grounds to believe that a Partner has failed to adhere to the principles of this Code, we may suspend or terminate our relationship with the Partner.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

You shall comply fully with all applicable laws and regulations of countries (1) where your operations are based; and (2) where you provide products and services to GeTS, including but not limited to those relating to bribery and anti-corruption, competition laws, employment practices, intellectual property, privacy and data protection.

Integrity and Ethical Dealings

You commit that all your business dealings are handled in accordance with the highest ethical standards. No form of fraud, corruption, extortion, embezzlement, bribery, facilitation payments, kickbacks or other behaviour involving improper benefits will be tolerated.
This means that, among other things, you shall not solicit, offer or receive any form of bribe, kick-backs or use other means such as subcontracts, purchase orders or consulting agreements to channel improper payments, or improperly influence or induce any act or decision of any employees of GeTS, governmental or political official, entity or individual.
Any knowledge or suspicion of unauthorised, illegal or improper payments being offered or received must be disclosed to GeTS immediately.

Fair Competition

You shall not engage in conduct that is deceptive, misleading or unreasonably restrains trade. You are expected to conduct your business practices consistent with fair competition and in compliance with all applicable anti-trust and competition laws.
Gifts and Hospitality
You shall not offer any personal gifts or favours to GeTS’ employees, contractors, business partners, associates or customers. Gifts or hospitality shall never be offered or received in connection with contract bidding, evaluation or award.
Business gifts may be provided only if they are considered as a generally acceptable business practice or common business courtesy. It must be provided in a transparent manner and must not be used to or create an appearance to influence negotiations, judgment, obtain preferential treatment or gain improper business advantage.

Conflicts of Interest

You shall avoid any situation which may compromise your ability to conduct business with GeTS honestly and objectively. Friendly or personal relationships with an employee of GeTS must not be used to influence a business judgement.
Where there is a situation that may involve a conflict or the appearance of conflict between you and the interests of GeTS, you must disclose this to GeTS immediately.

Privacy and Data Protection

We respect the privacy of individuals and of our customers. In the course of doing business with GeTS, you may have access to, collect, use, disclose, handle or process personal data of an individual for or on behalf of GeTS or its customers. At all times you shall ensure that you comply with the requirements of all applicable personal data protection laws.
You are also expected to apply appropriate governance and safeguard measures to ensure that personal data and confidential information under your possession is stored securely, is used only if you have a legitimate business purpose and is not subject from misuse, accidental or unauthorised disclosure.
Any breaches must be reported to GeTS immediately.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property are important assets to GeTS. You shall respect, safeguard and not infringe any intellectual property, trade secrets and all other confidential, proprietary information belonging to GeTS, its customers or third parties. The use of any intellectual property shall only be done in a manner permitted under your contract with GeTS.
Where you become aware of any unauthorised use of GeTS’ patents, trademarks or logos, please notify GeTS immediately.


You shall conduct your employment practices in compliance of all applicable laws and regulations. You are expected to adopt fair and ethical employment practices and provide a workplace that is safe and free from harassment and any unlawful discrimination.


You shall ensure that your officers, directors, employees, contractors, agents and representatives who are directly or indirectly involved in GeTS’ business to be aware of, understand the provisions contained herein and comply to this Code.
GeTS may periodically review your compliance to this Code and you may be asked to certify that you have done so.
Any violation or non-compliance of this Code may result in the suspension or termination of your relationship with GeTS.


You shall develop processes to ensure that your employees have avenues to report concerns regarding any illegal or unethical conduct.
Where you become aware of any unlawful or improper conduct relating to your business with or involving GeTS, please contact us immediately at:
31 Science Park Road,
The Crimson,
Singapore 117611
Attention : General Counsel
Email address : [email protected]

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