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  • 18 Mar 2021
  • Canada


Mr. Mike Long, International Freight Director from Carson International, shares his experience on transmitting electronic house bills (eHBL) with GeTS. Carson International is a full-service U.S. and Canadian customs broker and freight forwarder, and has been providing global trade solutions to entrepreneurs and the world's leading brands for half a century.


1. Carson has been sending eHBL to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) since June 2019. What were some of the challenges you faced?

The biggest challenge we had was to get all parties on board with the new process and providing correct information within the required timeframes. Finding an effective solution that fits my operational needs was also very important.

 After the informed compliance period is over in June, CBSA will start issuing AMPS penalties on non-compliance, such as incorrect information transmitted or late filings. To avoid AMPS, Carson would have to make sure that pre-arrival transmissions are as accurate as possible. GeTS solution has comprehensive data validation that prompt us of any issues so we can correct all the data before submission. If any time, we get rejections from the CBSA, we are notified with email alerts or can easily track on mobile app to take timely action.


2. How is Carson sending electronic house bills to the CBSA?

The ultimate solution for us, was integrating our ERP system with GeTS. House bill data can seamlessly go from our ERP directly to the CBSA through GeTs connectivity. Without integration, our team will need to manually enter data in another system. This solution allows us to cut the time spent on repetitive actions and keeps the mistakes to a minimum, thus helping us increase the company’s productivity. In addition, the elimination of stamping and paperwork after the use of eHBL have allowed us to become more efficient in our remote work.


3. How did Carson benefit through your partnership with GeTS?

In addition to the automation that we were able to achieve through GeTS integration, we have been well supported by GeTS 24/7 help desk. The GeTS support team has always taken extra steps to provide excellent support with quick response to our questions. We never have to worry if there is a CBSA rejection or with any issues. GeTS filing service is also there in any case where we have system issues or staff absences, we can easily send the documents to them and they will handle the filing for us. GeTS is not just a software vendor to us. They are truly our partner in helping us comply with the CBSA house bill reporting requirement.


GeTS offers full consultation and guidance to prepare your company to register with the CBSA including carrier code application, ACI application and full onboarding. To learn more on Electronic House Bill submissions with GeTS, click here