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  • 20 Oct 2015
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CrimsonLogic Joins CIFFA Meetings on ACI eManifest, ACI Ocean, eHBL Strategies, Cargo Security and the Latest in CBSA Regulations & Tools

CrimsonLogic Global eTrade Services (GeTS) joins the Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA) in a series of Town Hall meetings focusing on eManifest Strategies for Success.  To be held on October 27 (Montreal), October 28 (Toronto), November 9 (Vancouver), and November 10 (Calgary), the CIFFA Town Hall meetings gather industry professionals to discuss cargo security and the latest developments in standards, procedures and tools to implement security and facilitate trade. Speakers include Ruth Snowden of CIFFA and representatives from the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).


The meetings will focus on topics related to maintaining supply chain security, meeting security challenges, and maximizing business opportunities.  Participants will be updated on CBSA regulations, eHBL (eManifest House Bill) and other upcoming regulatory changes.  Security and trade facilitation leaders, experts, commercial organizations, and other trade professionals have a chance to share ideas that will help the industry meet future challenges.


This is also a great opportunity for freight forwarders, shippers, consignees, NVOCCs and other participants to learn more about CIFFA Town Hall meeting, including CrimsonLogic’s solutions.  CrimsonLogic has over 25 years of experience in global trade facilitation, offering eTrade solutions to a diverse customer base in over 16 countries.  CrimsonLogic GeTS (Global eTrade Services) helps the trading community meet regulatory requirements set by agencies and trade organizations worldwide.  The GeTS Single Window system provides clients with eAdvisory, data analytics, and compliance connectivity services via Cloud. The SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) delivery model ensures that services are always available and customized to business needs.


CIFFA and eHBL Updates


Among the highly-anticipated discussions in the coming CIFFA Town Hall meetings include updates about eHBL (eManifest House Bill) and upcoming regulatory changes.


In January 2014, CIFFA cited multiple reasons and requested the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to delay the mandatory eHBL rollout for freight forwarders.  CIFFA believed that there was a lack of regulatory changes to support the movement of cargo under eManifest for freight forwarders, including an insufficient level of preparedness of third party service providers to support eHBL transmissions.


A voluntary compliance period is currently in effect for freight forwarders.  However, after eHBL becomes mandatory, freight forwarders that fail to comply face non-monetary penalties as well as risk of delays and inspections. Monetary penalties and possible denial of entry will be issued for noncompliance by June 2016.


For many years, CIFFA has hosted eManifest workshops to help service providers, trade participants and industry professionals prepare for the eHBL mandatory rollout.  Representatives from over 100 organizations have attended these workshops, and the CBSA has also participated at every event to discuss regulatory updates.


This year, the CIFFA series of Town Hall meetings aims to provide a platform for companies and trade professionals to share information, network and discuss hot issues that impact the industry. CrimsonLogic GeTS will also share ideas and interact with customers and the trading community at the event.  This is an opportunity for freight forwarders, particularly those that are still preparing for mandatory eHBL transition, to learn how CrimsonLogic GeTS and ACI solutions can improve business processes and facilitate trade and regulatory compliance.


To learn more, please visit CrimsonLogic’s eHBL and ACI Ocean pages. 




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CrimsonLogic Joins CIFFA Meetings on ACI eManifest, ACI Ocean, eHBL Strategies, Cargo Security and the Latest in CBSA Regulations & Tools