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  • 15 Jul 2015
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Prepare Now: ACI eManifest Penalty Phase Begins this Month

The ACI eManifest penalty phase rolled out last July 10, 2015. This means that carriers that fail to comply with advance Canada eManifest requirements may face non-monetary or zero-rated penalties according to the Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS) by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).


Since May 6, 2015, CBSA has provided a period of transition for the trading community to prepare for mandatory ACI eManifest rules.


Zero-rated AMPS Penalty


A zero-rated AMPS or non-monetary penalty is a basically a warning to carriers to correct a problem with advance eManifest filing. Starting July 10, 2010, CBSA may issue penalties to carriers for the following infractions:


·         Failing to provide the required information

·         Failing to provide the required information in a timely manner according to the mode of transport

·         Providing incomplete, inaccurate or false information

·         Failing to notify the CBSA about data changes


While there are no fees to be paid for carriers that receive a warning, the zero-rated penalty is included in the carrier’s performance record with CBSA and should not be taken lightly. The zero-rated AMPS period will run for six months, and it is a great opportunity for the trading community to ensure that their electronic systems allow them to comply effectively with CBSA regulations. After the 6-month period, monetary penalties will be issued for non-compliance.


Working with a Service Provider


ACI is about providing the right information to CBSA in a timely manner. This allows CBSA to speed up the clearance process for legitimate goods while targeting high-risk shipments that pose a security and safety threat. To ensure compliance in a cost-effective way and avoid incurring any ACI eManifest penalty, many companies are working with third parties like CrimsonLogic that provide software and advanced connectivity services. Using ACI eManifest solutions from third parties will simplify electronic document management, validation and data sharing, and enable fast delivery of goods to customers.



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Prepare Now: ACI eManifest Penalty Phase Begins this Month