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  • 13 Jan 2016
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What is US ACE Export Manifest?

The US ACE export manifest program is an electronic manifest filing system that will replace the current time-consuming and labor-intensive paper filing process.  The main goal of electronic export manifest filing is to allow the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to facilitate the export of legitimate shipments, and identify early problems in the supply chain so that the issues can be corrected and delays avoided.  US ACE export manifest will also help CBP identify high-risk shipments and help carriers better plan the transportation of these shipments.


The eManifest program’s functionalities will be rolled out in stages, with pilot programs for each mode of transport (highway, rail, ocean and air).  The pilot programs are intended to test the system and gauge the reaction of voluntary participants.  Over the years, CBP will issue final regulations regarding the filing of export eManifests as well as mandatory dates.  Currently, exporters can file electronic manifests through the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) or use traditional paper filing.  


Filing Process


The export eManifest filing process starts when the carrier or agent submits export information to the CBP through ACE.  The CBP will then assess the information and send messages to the carrier regarding the status of their request.  The status messages include hold or release for bills of lading, invalid ITN, invalid port code validation, invalid in-bond number and other messages that will be identified in the pilot.  Like electronic import manifest, export manifest must be complete, accurate and submitted in a timely manner. Monetary and non-monetary penalties will be issued for noncompliance.


To connect to the ACE export manifest system, most carriers work with CBP-certified third parties that provide specialized software and connectivity services.  CrimsonLogic’s ACE Export Manifest Solution is a U.S. Customs-approved application that helps carriers and agents prepare, submit, validate and submit electronic export manifests to CBP.


To learn more, please visit CrimsonLogic’s ACE Export Manifest page.  Or send us a message on our Contact Us page.



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