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Job Scam Alert: 

This is to notify you that we have been alerted of job scams misusing the name of Global eTrade Services (GeTS). We would like to emphasize that there is no active, ongoing recruitment under the brand name of GeTS as we now operate under our parent company, CrimsonLogic. Please read the full disclaimer here.


  • 11 Mar 2021
  • Singapore
  • All Other Countries

Belt & Road Initiatives, China - Europe Rail and CALISTA

  • Belt & Road Initiatives
  • China-Europe Rail
  • Freight Exchange
  • Logistics

The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) aims to connect the globe through overland and maritime routes; a powerful digital platform like CALISTA can help businesses make the most of BRI opportunities.

  • 26 Feb 2021
  • Canada
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • Panama
  • Singapore
  • USA
  • All Other Countries

How Supply Chain Orchestration Facilitates Vaccine Distribution

  • Supply Chain Orchestration
  • Supply Chain
  • Logistics

Supply chain orchestration facilitates vaccine distribution by integrating various logistics activities, from freight booking to shipment tracking to compliance */

  • 19 Feb 2021
  • Singapore

Importing into Singapore with Importer of Records

  • Importer of Records
  • Singapore
  • IOR
  • Trade
  • Import

Singapore is one of the most vibrant economies in Asia and an ideal market for eCommerce businesses. Read on to learn more about importing into Singapore with Importer of Records (IOR)

  • 05 Feb 2021

Why Partner with GeTS for Type 86 Solutions?

GeTS is uniquely positioned to help your shipments avoid unnecessary delays and facilitate the customs clearance process flow smoothly.

  • 23 Dec 2020

Simplifying eCommerce Trade Compliance – Q&A with Vice-President for Product (Compliance Services) & Mass Market Sales, Mike Yap

GeTS' U.S. eCommerce Import Programme has simplified work processes and trade compliance for eCommerce companies.

  • 10 Dec 2020
  • Canada

Getting Ready for eManifest House Bills (eHBL)

  • eHBL
  • #eManifest
  • CBSA
  • Canada
  • Canada Border Services Agency

eManifest House Bills (eHBL) will be mandatory for all consolidated shipments starting January 4.

* mandatory