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Client: Product used:
CNE Express

Entry Type 86


Headquartered in Shanghai, CNE Express is a leading international express company with over 20 years of cross-border logistics operation experience. By tapping on CrimsonLogic Shanghai’s duty-free Entry Type 86 solution, CNE Express enjoyed expedited shipment clearance and had a reliable point of contact for their chartered flights.


CNE Express was on the hunt for a new, trustworthy partner with deep domain knowledge in global trade compliance and Customs clearance for bulk parcel shipments in the US.


Leveraging on CrimsonLogic Shanghai’s Entry Type 86 unified filing solution helped CNE Express to avoid inaccurate filings, unnecessary delays and ensured a smooth clearance process. This solution is a powerful tool that streamlines and expedites the entry and release of low-valued eCommerce shipments. By integrating the Manifest, Security Filing and Declaration, CNE Express only had to completed one Customs filing and documentation for three systems. This eliminated the need for re-entering of data and automated the documentation process.


The shortened processing time and improved inter-agency communication with US Customs & Border Patrol (CBP) and Partner Government Agencies (PGAs) resulted in increased efficiency and fast tracked the import of goods.

“Since the start of our collaboration, CrimsonLogic Shanghai has been quick to respond to our feedback and take prompt action on any outstanding matters. Utilizing their Type 86 service has enabled us to scale up our international small package service quickly.”
CNE Express