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Client: Product used: 
Shenzhen Modern Lightning Logistics Ltd

US e-Commerce Import Programme

CALISTA freight exchange


Shenzhen Lightning Modern Logistics Ltd (Lightning), an e-Commerce supply chain company based in China, was looking at improving their work processes and optimising their services for U.S. e-Commerce imports and exports, as well as reaching out to more freight forwarders in Asia. By utilising GeTS’ US eCommerce Import Program and CALISTA freight exchange, Lightning was able to digitalise and serve their clients more efficiently.

What was Lightning looking for?

Aiming to create significant value for its existing customers and to expand its business horizons, Lightning was looking for a logistics technology service provider that is not only able to digitalise and streamline their operational capabilities, they also required competitive e-Commerce solutions to grow their business and a vast network of freight forwarders that they could tap on.

Why choose GeTS?

GeTS’ US e-Commerce Import Program combines advanced technology and compliance expertise to streamline customs processing and speed up the release of e-Commerce shipments. By leveraging this convenient, end-to-end service, Lightning was able to have real-time visibility into the status of their shipments and 24/7 customer support. Their workflows were automated, and data was seamlessly integrated and transformed to speed up the reporting of high-volume parcels, resulting in higher productivity and cost savings.

Beyond this, CALISTA freight exchange also provided Lightning with a vast logistics network. Coupled with its technical capabilities of system integration, process optimization and option of adding more modules for future expansion, Lightning is now well-equipped to enhance and increase their scope of services and capabilities that their users can take advantage of.

“We can provide better, more convenient and efficient service to our customers through the close cooperation between Lightning and GeTS.”
Edward Lee
General Manager, Shenzhen Lightning Modern Logistics Ltd