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Katoen Natie Business Process Outsource



Founded in 1854, Katoen Natie has built terminals and/or logistics platforms in all parts of the world. It also supplies logistics and semi-industrial services to various industries and port services for the shipping companies. In Singapore, Katoen Natie provide specialised logistics services to major oil and gas companies. 

Upon evaluation, Katoen Natie switched to GeTS’ TradeWeb for filing trade declarations to Singapore Customs. In addition, it also outsources filing to GeTS BPO service to manage peaks in declaration volume.

Why Katoen Natie engages GeTS’ BPO service? 

Katoen Natie Singapore encounters sporadic spikes in trade declaration volume. The sporadic nature makes it difficult to justify for hiring, yet the in-house trade compliance professionals are over-stretched whenever there is a spike. Addressing this challenge is essential as lack of time may negatively impact the quality of work. This increasing risk of being fined due to wrong filing.

What Katoen Natie like about GeTS BPO service?

By outsourcing trade declarations to GeTS, Katoen Natie is able to leverage on GeTS’ vast expertise and experiences to ensure their permit declarations are completed on time and error-free. Whenever there is a spike in volume, at least the team has the peace of mind that GeTS will ensure it successfully fulfils trade compliance requirements. Such arrangements also allows it to manage its human resources better.