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Bringing Air Cargo Connectivity To Over 190 International Airlines



Reduces airline fees for transmitting AWB individually


Provides better data accuracy


Saves time by minimizing waiting at the airline

GeTS Streamlined Solution for Electronic Air Waybill Data

GeTS’ electronic air waybill (eAWB) solution allows freight forwarders, GSAs and GHAs that work with multiple airlines to consolidate their connectivity. Our eAWB service immediately connects you and your business to over 190 international airlines with various options to transmit eAWB through online submission/upload or through host-to-host direct system integration.

By eliminating paper-based AWB and information exchanges between air cargo agents and airlines, eAWB enables you and your business to save:

  1. Money, by reducing the fees charged by airlines for transmitting AWB individually
  2. Time, by minimizing waiting at the airline / agent desk
  3. Environment, by reducing the tonnes of paper used by paper-based AWB and annually.

At the same time, your business will enjoy higher productivity by:

  • Eliminating the need to print or archive AWBs manually
  • Reducing delays due to missing or illegible paper AWBs
  • Preventing delays from clerical errors and the need to rekey the same data

Other Benefits include:

  • Secure account access
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Streamlined and easy to use application that reduces data entry
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • No contract terms!

eAWB filing is quick and simple: create the Master Air Waybill in the GeTS e-AWB system and enter additional information in the House Air Waybill (other relevant data is auto-populated). The system validates the documents and transmits them to the airline, which sends back freight status updates directly to you. Once the status shows ‘accepted’ or ‘ready for carriage,’ you are ready for takeoff.