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Ensuring Efficiency In Product Declaration

Accurate And Efficient

Accurate And Efficient

Machine learning on past approved product declaration records
Increase Chances Of Approval

Increase Chances Of Approval

Code records are most used by trade community which adds credibility


Reduces lead time to declare products

About HS Code Classification Service

HS Codes are used by Customs Administrations all over the world to classify products that are imported or exported. The tariff classification or HS code, along with the country of origin, must be accurate because it is used to determine the duty rate.

Matching products to HS code is a tedious process and most of the time requires someone with years of experience in Customs declaration. Our smart HS code classification service, which harnesses the machine learning of past approved product declaration records, generates results of the closest or matching HS codes based on the description of the products/items.  

This service reduces lead time to declare products with no known HS codes. It also generates higher chances of approval by Customs as these codes are most used by the trade community.  The HS Code Classification service is a cost-effective way to ensure fast, accurate and compliant product classification at the item level.

To understand how to easily identify the right HS code, visit our page:                        

Suitable user groups
  • Declaring agent
  • Trader
  • Importer
  • Exporter
  • Freight forwarder
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