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Selling directly into Singapore, even if you have zero footprint

No local entity

No need to set up local entity

Do away with the hassle of setting up another company
No local bank

No need to set up local bank

No local bank account? Not a problem anymore

About Importer Of Records (IOR)

Under Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) Section 33 (1) Agent appointment, GeTS is able to provide IOR services for overseas principle who wish to sell directly into Singapore. Our main scope of services include:

- IOR Named Services

- Import / Export Customs Declaration

- Quarterly IRAS Tax Filing Service

- GST and Duty payment on behalf

- Local bank account creation and administration for foreign entities - for import GST and IRAS Tax return payment

Suitable user groups
  • Traders who have no physical presence in Singapore
  • Suppliers venturing into Singapore
  • Overseas supplier looking at direct sales without setting up a Distributor
* mandatory