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  • 17 May 2021
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CALISTA book & track

Improving Supply Chain Visibility to Address Rising Costs, Volumes & Threats to Sustainable Growth

Table of Contents:

  • CALISTA book & track
  • Improving Supply Chain Visibility to Address Rising Costs, Volumes & Threats to Sustainable Growth
  • Costs, Volume & Sustainability in the Supply Chain
  • Supply Chain Visibility
  • Better Supply Chain Management with CALISTA
  • Visibility
  • CALISTA book & track


To thrive in a competitive and constantly changing business climate, businesses need to implement and find new strategies to manage their supply chain. An inefficient supply chain can negatively impact every aspect of the organization. Businesses also contend with rising costs, growing volumes, challenges to sustainable growth and other key forces reshaping business models.



Costs, Volume & Sustainability in the Supply Chain


Traffic volumes and congestion make it harder to maintain dependable and reliable schedule and offset rising costs. Cost containment used to be an area of strength for many businesses but rapid, constant change has almost decimated that, along with the most supply chain executives’ ability to adapt.


Huge traffic volumes present an opportunity but businesses that want to take advantage of new opportunities need a more reliable and cost-effective way to manage their supply chain.


Along with volume and costs, sustainability is widely considered as one of the top supply chain challenges. Environmental considerations covering water, energy and waste management have an impact on almost every aspect of supply chain management. Types of products, product design and modifications, manufacturing, packaging, distribution and disposal at end of life can and often include sustainability strategies. For companies, sustainability is good for both the planet and for supporting business growth.



Supply Chain Visibility


To achieve a sustainable supply chain, companies have to take a holistic approach. Addressing environmental, economic, social and legal concerns across the entire supply chain can help reduce waste, improve safety and processes that help achieve sustainability.


But how do you take a holistic approach and at the same time be able to cut through the noise and see the right information? Visibility. More than ever, supply chain executives are flooded with more information. Being able to see and act on the right information can help toward decisions that can help not only toward sustainability but also lowering costs and addressing volumes.


Supply chain visibility provides businesses and their customers more time and actionable information about their supply chain. For example, retailers and manufacturers can pull data that they can share with clients so they can track orders in real time. If there’s a delay or an issue at any point while the parcel is in transit, supply chain visibility can quickly show information that will help retailers or manufacturers the best option to redirect the supply.


Other functions/objectives of supply chain visibility:

  • Enhance the supply chain by providing real-time, accurate information to all parties and stakeholders
  • Maintain compliance with government regulations, business practical exercises, policies, environmental demands, and track-and-trace laws
  • Manage risk and uncertainties by sharing information and creating visibility among supply chain partners
  • Enable flexibility and rapid response that in turn can help manage costs  




Traceability in the supply chain is being able to see, identify and track crucial components of the supply chain. It allows parties, for example retailers or suppliers, to inspect if or when any issues arise before or after a product reaches the customer.


Better Supply Chain Management with CALISTA


CALISTA is a supply chain orchestration platform that brings together key logistics activities (compliance, physical, and financial) for better supply chain management. CALISTA provides supply chain visibility that can help stakeholders around the world streamline distribution and management with a suite of comprehensive and advanced tools.





Real-time data visibility helps track and monitor the movement of shipments, especially in emerging markets. CALISTA’s book & track service provides real-time supply chain visibility, allowing parties to access to real-time updates that in turn help them find quick responses to issues and unforeseen circumstances and help avoid interrupted service across geographic locations.


Greater visibility helps your business react quickly to both known and unforeseen events. For example, when tight capacity in one mode of transport arises, you can easily check other rates and book freight on other modes of transport, to find other solutions to move shipments faster and at the same or lower cost.



CALISTA book & track

CALISTA book & track


CALISTA book & track makes seamless freight booking, tracking and management possible. It helps shippers send booking requests to carriers electronically instead of by the phone, fax or email.


Other features and benefits:
  • Shippers can create, amend, cancel and download freight bookings, all in one platform
  • Allows submission of shipping Instructions
  • Preview and print Bills of Lading
  • Monitor the status of shipments
  • Easily handle multi-modal logistics
  • Connect to over 90+ carriers & NVOCCs and 50+ ports
  • Freight at your fingertips
  • Remote printing of Bill of Lading
  • Generate shipping documents
  • Track and trace cargo


CALISTA provides access to thousands of providers, making it easy for users to prepare and submit shipment documentation, book freight, edit and share documents, and monitor shipment status across the globe. The Freight Exchange management tool lets freight forwarders upload and manage freight rates and RFQ.


With seamless freight booking in all modes of transport, covering ocean freight, hinterland (barge, rail and truck), air and inter-modal logistics from CALISTA, parties can respond quickly to demand and market changes as well as move cargo more efficiently.


Learn more by visiting our page on CALISTA Book & Track or contact us today!





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