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  • 05 Oct 2018
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Download the New GeTS Mobile App for ACE/ACI Highway Today!

Global eTrade Services (GeTS) has released a new version of its Mobile App for ACE/ACI highway with extended features and functionalities. GeTS Mobile App 2.0 is bigger and better than ever, and available in English and Spanish. Download the new GeTS Mobile App for ACE/ACI Highway from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store free of charge and track your shipments status updates in real-time.


Keeping up-to-date with all your shipments and planning for their movement is easy and straightforward with the industry-leading GeTS Mobile App 2.0. Carriers, importers/exporters, customs brokers and other trade participants can track PARS and PAPS shipments anytime, anywhere.

GeTS Mobile App 2.0 - 1 - English.png


Pre-Arrival Review System (PARS)


Pre-Arrival Review System (PARS) is a shipment type that aims to accelerate the release of commercial shipments transported by highway carriers to Canada. Customs brokers and carriers only need to provide minimum documentation to send a release request to Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). CBSA officials review the documentation before the shipment arrives and release low-risk, legitimate shipments immediately. Fast cargo release with PARS eases border congestion and saves time.


Each PARS shipment has a unique PARS number assigned by the carrier and transmitted to customs before arrival. The PARS number is used to track the status of shipments on the eManifest Portal or on-the-go via the GeTS Mobile App for ACI highway. With a click of a button, the GeTS Mobile App tells you if the PARS number has been accepted by Customs. To view the status of multiple shipments, simply enter the PARS numbers. You can also use the GeTS Mobile App to track the status of other critical electronic customs documents.

GeTS Mobile App 2.0 - 2 - English.png


Pre-Arrival Processing System (PAPS)


Pre-Arrival Processing System (PAPS) is the U.S. counterpart of the Canadian PARS. PAPS is the default release option for all commercial shipments entering or crossing the U.S. by highway transport. The PAPS number is a type of Shipment Control Number (SCN) assigned to all shipments requiring pre-arrival clearance. All PAPS shipments have a unique barcoded label or PAPS number that the carrier attaches to the highway eManifest and shipping invoice. The PAPS number is the common element in the customs broker’s entry and the carrier’s eManifest filing.


U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials pull up the PAPS number to review the eManifest and broker’s entry before making a release decision. Because shipment documentation is submitted before the shipment arrives, CBP can review the information and release the cargo immediately. The GeTS Mobile App lets you check the status of PAPS shipments by entering the PAPS number.

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Download for Free

GeTS Mobile App 2.0 - 2 - Spanish.PNG


GeTS Mobile App 2.0 for ACE/ACI Highway is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store—absolutely free of charge. Download the app to your device and track shipments and electronic submissions right away. No need to log in—just enter the PARS/PAPS number or CCN.


Shipment tracking has never been easier or more convenient with GeTS Mobile App 2.0. View real-time status updates and clearance notifications wherever you go with one click of a button. Multi-language support (English and Spanish) makes it easy for all your drivers to check the shipment status and know exactly when to head to the border.


To learn more about the new GeTS Mobile App for ACE/ACI Highway, contact GeTS today.


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Download the New GeTS Mobile App for ACE/ACI Highway Today!