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  • 28 Jul 2021
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Supply Chain Management

How CALISTA Intelligent Advisory (CIA) can Improve Visibility and Risk Management


Table of Contents:

Better Supply Chain and Risk Management with Visibility

Risk Management and Alternative Planning

Improve Visibility and Risk Management with CIA

Data visibility is critical in improving supply chain management. Real-time data visibility helps to easily track and monitor the movement of goods. Visibility also allows providers and customers to access real-time updates. For providers and traders, supply chain visibility can help manage risks, quickly address issues, better respond to unforeseen incidents and provide continuous service to customers anywhere in the world. Read on to learn more on how CALISTA Intelligent Advisory (CIA) can improve visibility and risk management.



Better Supply Chain and Risk Management with Visibility


For a business, being able to respond to unforeseen circumstances, planning for alternatives and risk management can be the difference between getting wiped out and surviving and remaining in a position to grow after a crisis. 


Unforeseen circumstances, from natural disasters, health crisis, economic crisis to political uncertainties, affect businesses every day. Risk management driven by artificial intelligence (AI) can predict disruptions and help supply chains become more resilient, adaptive and agile.



Risk Management and Alternative Planning


Visibility provides businesses the opportunity to take a holistic approach to their supply chain. This helps determine how elements of the supply chain are affected by social, economic, environmental and legal concerns and this in turn affects the other elements of the supply chain.


The best supply chain management system not only provides access to data but also the right information. Being able to cut through the noise can help supply chain executives act quickly on the right information, manage risks and implement alternative planning.


Actionable information about their supply chain can deliver better customer experience, increase loyalty and help the business grow.  For example, manufacturers and retailers can share data with customers that will allow them to track their orders in real time. Supply chain visibility can show information to manufacturers and retailers whenever there is an issue while the parcel is in transit that can cause possible delays. They can then implement the best option to redirect the supply. This can help lessen the delays or avoid it altogether.


Data can also be put to excellent use even before the parcel is shipped. Historical data can show and help predict issues. This can then be used for alternative planning that can help manage risks. For example, historical data has identified several routes as having tight capacity during a certain month. Visibility is again further used for alternative planning: information on the rates and booking freight on other modes of modes of transport can provide other options that will help move the shipment faster without increasing cost even during this tight-capacity month.


Supply chain traceability is being able to identify and track the components of the supply chain. Traceability allows parties and stakeholders to check if and when issues arise. They can do this before and after the product reaches the customer as part of their risk management and product planning.



Improve Visibility and Risk Management with CIA

How CALISTA Intelligent Advisory (CIA) can Improve Visibility and Risk Management


CALISTA is a supply chain platform that brings together key logistics activities (compliance, physical, and financial) for better supply chain management. CALISTA provides supply chain visibility that can help participants and stakeholders improve and streamline management.

Visibility can give you a better idea on the available options which in turn not only manage risks but also reduce transit times, boost productivity, cut costs and improve inventories.

CIA is an AI-powered platform designed to accurately identify HS codes and provide associated customs compliance advisory for over 180 countries as well as ensure minimal landed costs and customs duties / taxes for exportation. It also provides insights on free trade agreements, freight options, and import/export procedures.


CIA can send alerts and notifications, recommend optimal freight solutions, updates on cargo status and movements and trigger actions to orchestrate supply chain activities based on modalities, preferred timelines and budget.  In the event of unforeseen circumstances, CIA can advise on the options for the next best steps to take. These options help to mitigate risk and help optimize their supply chain.


CIA enables easy access to e-advisory and trade compliance information​


HS Smart Search

Provides applicable HS codes by simply entering layman product description, country of origin and country of destination


Compliance e-advisory

Provides comprehensive trade compliance information based on the selected HS code


Landed Cost Calculator

Calculates the landed cost and tax payable easily and fast when exporting



Learn more about CIA here:




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