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Government of Canada takes action on COVID-19

The Government of Canada has created the infrastructure to respond to the public health threats of the virus, and is well prepared to act—in collaboration with provincial and territorial governments and international partners—to minimize the health, economic, and social impacts of this rapidly evolving public health issue.

Canada's response is based on plans and guidance related to pandemic preparedness, with the following guiding principles:

  • Collaboration - all levels of government and stakeholders need to work in partnership to produce an effective and coordinated response.
  • Evidence-informed decision-making - decisions should be based on the best available evidence.
  • Proportionality - the response to a pandemic should be appropriate to the level of the threat.
  • Flexibility - actions taken should be tailored to the situation and evolve as new information becomes available.
  • A precautionary approach - timely and reasonable preventive action should be proportional to the threat and informed by evidence to the extent possible.
  • Use of established practices and systems - well-practised strategies and processes can be rapidly ramped up to manage a pandemic.
  • Ethical decision-making - ethical principles and societal values should be explicit and embedded in all decision-making.


For more information on how to fight and prevent COVID-19, please scroll down to find out more. 

Canada's Response to COVID-19

canada response

Maintain a Safe Distance

Physical distancing

Wash Your Hands to Reduce the Spread

wash hands

Always Be Prepared

Be prepared